The hottest summer swimwear

The hottest summer swimwear
 The main decoration of a woman in a bathing suit is definitely her figure. However it is possible to visually adjust if choose the right swimsuit. From all variety of fashionable costumes this season you should be able to choose the one that will decorate it for you.  
 Still trending Piece Swimsuits. They will be the salvation for those who are not confident enough in the harmony of shapes and decorate ladies subtle body. You can choose a standard cut swimsuit and complement its image enhancements - bracelets, sunglasses, a hat. If you want a custom solution, buy swimwear unusual cut. They can be made in the retro style, with the bottom in the form of shorts and a belt just above the waist. Also, the fashion model strapless, halter or one with an asymmetrical top.

More courageous decision-monokini swimwear will. They essentially remain together, but it attracted the attention of cutouts at the waist. Usually complemented by an elegant form of notches cut of the shoulder straps that continue to "figure" of the central part. Picking up the monokini, make sure that the possible figure flaws are hidden, and the cutouts accentuate dignity.

Of course, have not gone away swimwear bikini. In this segment, beachwear always choices. This season, returning samples, reminiscent of the 60s of the last century. Also popular are the more modern model with top-gang. This variant is particularly advantageous looks at a woman with small breast size. Fashionable now drape as shells create additional volume in the upper zone bathing suit.

Fashion trends are expressed in the colors and decor of swimwear. In the summer of 2012, there are three major trends. First - pastel colors. Delicate shades razbelennye azure, coral, sand will be particularly beneficial to look at the dark skin. Equally popular bright colors - and they should be bright, clean and neon. Desirably, within the same color swimsuit was 2-3. Also juicy shades are used in print, which lavishly decorated swimsuits. Drawings can be large, geometric or small, simulates traditional national patterns. If the swimsuit is designed for beach parties, it can be decorated with beading and sequins.

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