The hottest summer cloth

The hottest summer cloth
 Attire should be properly selected, taking into account not only features the silhouette and style. Fashionistas also pay attention to the fabric before buying or ordering a designer model. The fabric should be practical and fashionable this season.
 Leader in the spring-summer of 2012 recognized the silk. Designers prefer to handle it forms - this silk stretch satin, stone lice or wet silk. Popular shade is considered light beige.

Radiance atlas suggests the idea of ​​designers to create new outfits this season. The result is an airy and soft image. Suitable materials for summer dresses - atlas of natural silk, or with the addition of elastane.

Chiffon Ruffle trim, it is pleated or combined in a multi-layered ensembles. Now this fabric is experiencing the peak of popularity. Its offer with ornamental, floral prints or prints Kaleidoscope.

Jacquard valued because of the unusual texture of the fabric, which is made possible through a combination of satin and matte surfaces made on the machine. Figure this material is striking: from geometric shapes, oriental patterns to moiré glare. Jacquard fabric is perfect for those girls who want to make the image clear and straightforward.

Flax - old traditional Russian material. Our ancestors knew a lot about treating the tissue and its combination with various synthetic fibers. Modern manufacturers combine linen with cotton, wool and polyester. Designers love to work with the fabric in cold tones, because the drawings are reminiscent of patchwork. This season, flax is indispensable: it is breathable, cool and comfortable. In the season of spring-summer 2012 popular canvas, which creates the image of flying, and jersey.

Whatever fabric you choose, do not forget about the other main rules of successful outfit. The color should you go, and style to emphasize the advantages of your figure. Then you definitely will feel the views of men. During the heat are advised to wear dresses made of fabrics that will allow your body to breathe.

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