Map fashion: trends from around the world

Map fashion: trends from around the world
 World Fashion absorbs trends from around the world. Opening stores in different countries allows global brands to sell their clothes at any point on the globe. A woman can choose what they like, and follow the world fashion trends, no matter where they are.  

Italian fashion
Italian fashion on a global scale can be seen in the collections of Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Gucci. Of course, each brand is unique, but they are united by the brightness, bold and spectacular colors, the original model. Italian designers skillfully combine comfort and style. In the new season, there is a tendency maximalism: long dresses, layered skirts and tops.

French fashion
Perhaps the most famous French brand may be called Pierre Cardin. French clothing has always been famous romance, elegance and ease, and models of new collections are no exception. Luxurious fabrics and charming models that emphasize femininity - are the main trends. All the accessories are very delicate - this ribbon, flowers in pastel colors. At the peak of popularity of asymmetry: a combination of short and long sleeves, jagged edges dresses, the combination of various tissues in the multi-layer model.

Japanese fashion
It's safe to say that the most famous Japanese designer Kenzo Takada is the founder of the brand Kenzo. For many years he lived and worked in Paris, so the Japanese tradition harmoniously intertwined with the French. The new season of the world's favorite Kenzo emphasizes the bright prints, loose silhouettes, ethnographic motifs and unusual colors. Classical models enriched with bright accessories and components.

Spanish fashion
Face of Spanish fashion - a stunning brand Mango. He is known and loved around the world for its versatility: here and casual, and evening, and casual wear. In the new season, all models are characterized by bright colors: deep blue, causing leopard, as well as a game of contrasts - black and white. All new models are very feminine and sexy. Revelation added transparent fabrics, deep cuts and neck.

German fashion
In the Russian market is represented by German fashion brands like Rene Lezard, Steffen Schraut, Cavita, Marc Aurel, Apriopi. German clothing like for quality materials, meticulous processing of all the details and comfort. However, in the new season, these brands are pleased with the new and exciting world of models with uncharacteristic for German fashion design and sophisticated style. Much attention is paid to the shoulders. Broad shoulders and clear overhead topline make clothes very stylish.

Fashion East
Asian countries have always been a love of bright clothes and refined silhouettes. In the new season in the collections of brands Yian-Mu and Yumi ball is ruled satin, brocade, silk with an interesting bright pattern. Clothes richly embroidered with beads, rhinestones, sequins sorts. Models emphasize femininity and elegance of form.

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