Fringe: fashionable frame

 Fringe is now experiencing a real boom. But its revival has nothing to do with the Lone Wanderer or romance rodeo. In contrast, the fringe on anything - from the hem of her dress to bulk bags - has become the hallmark of urban chic.

Volume backpack with frosted "drops" suede or long "spaghetti" of fine leather invariably creates a bohemian - and nothing we decided that hippie culture was far in the past. But the atmosphere of the Woodstock Festival and Glastonbury created only one such bag, often contrasted with the clothes she adds: it can be as cool cotton dress and blue jeans. Bag with fringe copper color has long become a common accessory for the evening, and combine this thing more often with a sexy dress with a smell.

Fringe found its niche in the high fashion, many collections - from Chanel to Viktor & Rolf - proof. Jacket with fringe and become a classic: the once purely cowboy option purchased their own fashion-standards with a light hand, Roberto Cavalli (Roberto Cavalli), who combined it with light suede gloves.

Those who are not always on the fringe soul can use this option finishes in the minimum amount, for example, on the collar. But it is necessary, however, to trust the taste of Miuccia Prada, which has turned into a real fringe icon: even the classic coat in her collection thanks to the decor looks like a Chinese shade. And of course, the eternal bag with fringe, not only in the collection of Prada is central.

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