Fashionable coats 2011-2012

Fashionable coats 2011-2012
 A fur coat is no longer just a piece of clothing that warms in severe frosts, but also an excellent opportunity to highlight the charm, respectability. Putting on the fur, a woman transformed right before your eyes and feel like a queen. But before you buy a fur coat, it is worth to study the latest fashion trends.

In the 2011-2012 season the designers decided to abandon the artificial fur, making a bet on the naturalness. At the peak of popularity with long pile fur: sable, beaver and fox. Also still relevant mink and mutton, which is not losing ground for several consecutive seasons. Quite interesting looks when diversified one fur combined in one product. Beaver and mink - one of the trendiest combinations this season. Mutonovye coat signers voluminous collars and cuffs from fur of other animals: fox, fox, sable, chinchilla. So they look original and more refined.

A common feature of all models fashion season - no hood. Actual high collar that can be raised in a strong wind and stand-up collar. The most fashionable length fur coats - to the knee. Equally popular and short patterns that fit perfectly practical fashionable women, because they are very comfortable to drive. Short coats will look spectacular in combination with a strap or belt, and they look good with skinny pants or leggings. Fur coat on the floor this winter will be irrelevant, though she looks luxurious.

A lover of classical style can already begin to rejoice: straight and tapered silhouette will remain at the peak of popularity. Coat, flared, with large collar, cleverly hides figure flaws and give a woman the charm of femininity and fluidity of movement.

If we talk about the color of the fur, the ball is ruled by natural colors, with clear favorites are the white arctic fox and red fox. White fur coat, though impractical, but it looks incredibly tempting. Do not forget to print. Tiger, cat or fox fur pattern on creative and always looks stylish. For those who love bright colors, designers offer a coat of emerald, royal blue, burgundy, yellow, orange shades, which just can not be taken lightly.

Huge buttons, belt bright, contrasting zipper, suede or leather trim - integral parts of fashionable coats 2011-2012. The variety of colors and styles will allow any fashionistas to choose for themselves exactly fur, in which she will feel like a real queen of winter.

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