Fashion trends winter

Fashion trends winter
 Winter wardrobe a "shall" be fashionable and stylish - all the latest trends, styles, style trends certainly reflected in outerwear, footwear and accessories. Return to the podium retro-style celebration of fur and leather determine the key positions.
 Vintage style covered all areas of the fashion industry - designers back to the 60s with their strict forms, bright colors, large and bulky items. Fur can be seen not only on models of outerwear - they adorn collars jackets and coats, cuffs and pockets hems of skirts, fur gloves combine with short jackets and leather jackets-pilots.

Winter layering in fashion - a set of T-shirts, sweaters, thin, thick vests, denim jackets and elongated cape looks very stylish and modern, simultaneously preventing fashionable girl freeze. Very interesting and always impressive mix of different textures - silk dress and insulated leather coat, knitted skirt and a fur coat with a long nap, thick tweed jacket and a feather trim and so on. What is unusual is the combination, the better will be the image that can be called extravagant, bold, original, but not boring and dull.

Winter skirt should be long - and it's not only protection against frost, this craze. Dense and heavy fabrics, ankle-length, high boots, which are virtually invisible from under layers of material - in a skirt warm and comfortable, it can be combined with a short coat of fur, sheepskin coat and form-fitting wide-brimmed hat.

Styles of winter coats are always varied, so that the entire range of possible certainly fit the model for any type of figure. In vogue again military style, so the coat as a uniform, with large interior, with or without a belt will emphasize the waist to hide large hips, bright color to attract attention, etc.

Park is gradually becoming a worthy replacement down jacket - a more elegant style while maintaining performance allows a woman to stay thin and weightless. If the model is not warm enough or on certain days you have to spend a lot of time outdoors, then the situation will correct fashion long sweater that you wear under the park. Intercept waist belt, wide collar release over jackets and go for a walk - in such attire you are not afraid of the cold.

Winter boots should be not only warm, practical and comfortable - it must be combined with a general way. Fur becomes a true winter trend - they adorn high boots and short boots. Military lacing and rubber sole will actively overlap with the popular styles of coat, black tights and socks peeking out from under the top edge of comfortable shoes.

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