Eyewear Fall-Winter 2011

Eyewear Fall-Winter 2011
 Sunglasses - very ancient human invention. Did you know that one of the first points were found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun. They represent two of the finest saw cut gemstone connected peculiar rim.

People have long appreciated the opportunity to protect your eyes from too bright sun with glasses. Today this is no longer a necessary thing only necessity and became a very fashionable accessory. So, what's in fashion autumn and winter of 2011?

Points "chameleon" will not hand over their positions, and this year - this original model leader for several seasons and continues to be at the forefront in terms of sales in 2011. "Chameleon" lens perfectly complements the frame as a "cat's eye" - a very good combination, which gives the image an unusual sexy and flirtatious.

The coming season will see the fashion connoisseurs in the light of large filters, bordered by a massive rim. But such an accessory is not suitable for all girls with small features is better to abandon this upcoming autumn trends. In the coming season resolute and uncompromising ideas come up with a clear consistency of pastel colors and decorative ornaments.

In stores glasses with large filters in a massive frame will coexist with accessories, edged slightly visible, almost weightless plate. In a fashion noble metal and plastic, luxury and minimalism pushed to the limit. Points in the style of John Lennon's promise to be all the rage this fall and winter.

Experts predict that this innovation does not promise anything good girls with round faces, but the owner of the square type of person can prepare for the transformation of the image - this accessory successfully masks and smoothes the contours of such a form, also gives a special style chic.

Well, the most daring fans eccentricities capricious fashion can try on a new collection of glasses that mimic animal prints. The leader will be the most expensive glasses D & G, which will please fans of valuable and expensive accessories. Spectacle frame this company covered in gold.

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