Best fashion accessories autumn 2011

Best fashion accessories autumn 2011
 Autumn is the season of 2011, which will delight us with a lot of fashionable novelties, both in clothes and in accessories. Designers remembered remarkably beautiful time of the year "Golden Autumn" and made his brilliance and diversity of the noble colors in their collections.

Scarves - always fashionable and comfortable. The combination of warmth and elegance - a hit of this season. Light silk and satin scarves decorated with noble fur, more rough weather from soft jersey made large viscous - all this fashionable autumn 2011. Bright color scarf give the image of perfection and individuality can be an interesting accent or simply elegant decoration costume.

Hats - hats and again. This season welcome a variety of hats, but most fashionable - a hat made of felt with a wide brim. This hat will give its owner the exclusive chic and elegance, and select it from the crowd of women. But if you're petite and small in stature - stop your choice on a hat with small fields, or take a hat. New this season hat in the colors which combines two bright colors.

Gloves - long and short. None trendy ensemble will not look complete. EC would not be present therein gloves. Long gloves remained intact, their styles were supplemented bells, fur and drapes and folds. Short gloves pleasing variety of bright colors. But the most fashionable this season are fingerless gloves - mitts. They are worn all kinds of lengths and of different materials - leather, knitted fabrics, suede and lace. Also pay special attention to the lacquered gloves bright colors.

Belt - for the entire wardrobe. This season is fashionable to wear any clothing with belt - wide or narrow your choice. The most fashionable - a belt-bows, they can be worn depending on the imagination and the need, for example, under the breast. And hit of the season - girdle of leather, lacquer with ribbons. Classic fashionable belt decorated with Swarovski crystals, embroidery of silver and gold threads and beads.

Bag - for every taste. This season bags are more practical and modest than in the past. Continue to occupy the top lines clutches and messengers on long thin straps, volume hobo and strict portfolios. Choosing a bag, stop for a natural leather and fabrics of high quality - but without the bright finishes and rhinestones. The motto of this season - elegance, rigor, status. Colors are also quieter and classic - black, gray, brown, burgundy and olive.

In her purse on the output remains relevant finishing of beads and beads, as well as long chains instead of knobs.

Jewellery - large and multilayer. Jewelery of high quality and large size accentuate your desire to be at the peak of fashion. Large earrings pendants, stacked necklaces and beads, large bracelets and brooches and watches in a wide bracelet - that fashion accessories Autumn 2011. Fashion hit this season is all kinds of chain: thick and thin, metal and plastic, silver and gold. The main thing - catchy and noticeable.

Separately, this season can be distinguished hair ornaments. Plastic, leather, paint, tape, chains, combs, bows, buckles - all this fashionable autumn 2011. Styles and a variety of colors - from cutting edge to made "antique". The main thing - to hair ornaments combined with other accessories were appropriate and in addition the rest of the ensemble.

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