5 fashion must-have for every woman

5 must-have ? ?
 Each season, fashion dictates new rules for combining colors and fabrics, the choice of accessories. Some styles do not lose their relevance for several years, while others go into oblivion after a couple of months. But there are a few items of clothing, which this year must have all the ladies.
 Short shorts. This old article of clothing can be made from very democratic fabric such as denim, and of luxurious materials such as brocade or velvet. The main condition of their relevance to this season is their length - or rather its absence, they must be ultra. You can combine them with blouses, shirts or tops also very advantageous to look shorts with high waist. The main thing is to objectively assess the beauty of their feet and do not seek the sake of fashion put on the wrong thing.

Lace top. Due to the elasticity of the material it is perfectly emphasizes form, excites the imagination of men. But not to look in the urban environment courtesan of the early 20th century, it is necessary to choose the top, made of two kinds of fabrics - lace and jersey. This combination allows you to focus on the figure, the contrast with the use of color and at the same time to remain sexy, though not naked.

Pleated skirt. Such an article of clothing to create a light and very romantic image, especially if the width of the folds increases at the bottom. The optimal length of a skirt - from mid-calf to ankle. You can combine them with a form-fitting tops, vests, blouses and turtleneck.

Dress-shirt. It may look like a shirt, put on in the morning in an apartment boyfriend, or kimono, tied with a thin belt. Color options are also a great many - from classical cells to bright prints in the style of "Buranovskiye grandmothers." The main condition relevance dresses this season - the smell or the buttons along the entire length. In addition, the article of clothing can be worn with leggings ensemble or skinny jeans.

Close clutch. Time tiny reticule where even the keys do not fit, passed. Now, this accessory has become roomier and more comfortable. Particularly relevant now clutches made from different texture and color of fabrics, with straps, as well as small bags of irregular shape.

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