2012 fashion colors

2012 fashion colors
 Color - an important component in the lives of almost everyone. A well-chosen colors in clothes and make-up will help you feel confident, will fill your every day with positive emotions. Of course, choose colors for your wardrobe and make-up should be based on the type of appearance. But forget about fashion trends is not worth it. Therefore, if you want to pass for a man versed in fashion, just need to know what colors will be popular in 2012.
 Winter - a rather dull time when everything seems gray and faceless. And in nature, and in the clothing people prevail dark, dull colors. Therefore, to add mood and positive, many well-known fashion houses offer to wear this winter, bright, saturated clothing.

One of the trends of 2012 is orange. He was popular in the last season and is not inferior to its position today. And it can be very bright and vivid. For example, one of the most popular shade can be called Tangerine (Mandarin Chinese).

Blue color - another hit coming fashion season. In the wardrobe of things can be different colors: the color of hyacinth to dark blue.

Sexy red will be popular in the winter and spring of 2012. Do not necessarily have a big thing of that color to pass for Fashion Story. Scarlet scarf, gloves, belt, handbag will be a great addition to your image. If you do not like the bright red color, you can choose clothes and accessories burgundy, wine shades.

Green - the color of life, peace and tranquility. It is not surprising that many designers in their collections using his name. In 2012, at the height of fashion are such shades as the color of grass, military, marine depths, subtle shades of lime and others.

Do not forget next year and about yellow. Lemon, canary, solar - these shades even the most overcast day make a fun and cheerful. To raise the spirits themselves and others, it will be enough for one small accessory in your image.

For those who do not like bright colors, you can choose things quiet sandy, honey, pale purple, muted shades of pink.

Popular in clothing and accessories 2012 will be a variety of prints, oriental motifs, bright inserts.

If we talk about fashion hair color in 2012, there is a welcome contrast to the wardrobe of natural tones. Blondes is better to prefer shades of linen, ripe wheat, caramel, honey, golden tone.

Brunettes recommended to choose chocolate shades. Range of colors is quite wide: from light to very dark. Therefore, any girl can choose the right way for himself. But from such unnatural colors like blue-black and eggplant, should be abandoned.

But the red-haired beauties can do to experiment next year. They can afford as muted shades, and very bright, explosive color.

In the make-up are also welcome earthy tones. Perfect skin, smooth delicate shades, light color, natural, pretty thick eyebrows, eye mascara, lip gloss - this is exactly what many stylists recommend biggest fashion houses.

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