What makes a true fashion fashionista?

What makes a true fashion fashionista?
 There are girls at a glance which is enough to say - fashionista. And not necessarily that you do so well versed in fashion trends, but fashionable lady estimate immediately. Try to understand what makes a fashionable fashionista.

It would seem that the answer to the question of what makes a fashionista fashion, is very simple - follow fashion trends. However, sometimes that is not made up and dressed in a tracksuit girl leaves no doubt that it is - a true socialite. Why is this happening?

The first attribute of a true fashionista is, of course, clothes. In 2011, the fashionista's wardrobe should be necessarily wear bright lemon-yellow shades, as well as clothes with polka dots. Mandatory part of the wardrobe - a summer dress to the floor with a deep neckline. Can not do in 2011 and without clothes in pastel shades: delicate flesh and beige, sand, cream, peach - all shades of these fashionistas. For lovers of classic modern fashion made a gift in the form of a close fitting white suit with short trousers, which would be relevant to the business dinner or at work.

Autumn ladies clothes oblachatsya necessarily more restrained dark blue, brown and green tones, as well as combinations of black and white. Very relevant to the combination of fur and knitwear, and perhaps the most striking feature in the fall will be the ladies scarf knitted fur, and a cape that can be sewn from a variety of materials. Very relevant leather goods - especially in combination with a translucent black cloth. In general, the ladies in the autumn of 2011 will be similar to fashionistas 70s.

The second attribute is the fashionista makeover. In favor now naturalness, so the girls, following the fashion trends can be identified by the natural, almost imperceptible makeup, flawless face and hair tone natural shades. The current fashionista looks as if not use cosmetics. It shines natural health and beauty, and here it is - the third component of this fashionista, which helps her to look stylish even in a very unfashionable clothes. Modern woman of fashion - a dynamic, tracking her figure and leading a healthy lifestyle, girl, confident in its irresistible and full of vitality and energy. She is successful and can be seen at a glance in any situation. It is this self-confidence makes a true fashion fashionista!

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