Hot spring fashion trends!

 We are pleased to share with you in a hurry hot spring fashion trends. Honestly, this season is the first time we like everything that offer designers. We are waiting for the revolutionary new items, new proportions and silhouettes. So, in order.  

Topic Trends - Pearl

1. Bright colors

 Namely, yellow, pink, violet, magenta, cyan, carrot, salmon. These delicious names that simply can not deny myself the pleasure to try some little thing of bright color. And it is better to combine the ensemble several colors. You would think that Pink + Yellow + turquoise - it's too much? And here and there! What will be your more colorful outfit, the better!

Proved by scientists: bright colors invigorate and improve mood, and that's what you need in the early spring. Your colorful must-have would be: yellow blouse, cardigan raspberry, orange dress, a green skirt, a blue leather jacket. Bright accessories are also welcome. Can you ask for and look crimson or orange tights, red belt, a yellow bag.

Fashion at the bright colors and decorations touched. In the special honor of massive necklace of gems, belts of large colored stones, combined bracelets bright skin and stones.

After the black-gray-brown scales modestly bright colors trend looks quite revolutionary, but you can feel free to buy anything of the above, as this trend is just starting to gain momentum, it will increase the popularity of the summer and will last several seasons.

Personally, I have acquired a yellow dress, crimson turtleneck, yellow and blue belts, orange tights and gloves, a red skirt - February weekdays smell of rain in the summer!

2. Black and white gamma

 The next trend coming spring ready to compete with the previous black-and-white graphics as opposed to bright colors. Generally, it is monochromatic combination has long been a classic, but this season it has the features of retro style.

This black-and-white Turkish cucumber, peas and large, and all sorts of stripes and abstract geometric patterns and floral patterns, and already familiar zebra, and of course, the cell.

I recommend to buy black-and-white coat, boots, sunglasses, T-shirt with print, scarf, black and white palette - it's super, but we can go ahead and mix it in one ensemble of two trends. Our fashion-advice - to supplement the black and white ensemble of red accessories.

3. flared trousers

 Return trouser-bottoms. They managed to vilify our mothers, we are reviled in the school years, and now, after ten years, this model is again ready to take revenge. In fashion includes carefully flared jeans hippie, silk trousers with flared spihodelicheskim patterned, plain kotonovye bell-bottomed trousers with arrows. All these models are worn with loose knitted sweaters and silk blouses colorful.

4. Focus on waist

 Let's talk about the waist. Finally, it will move with the hips to its rightful place. So, the first in your wardrobe should enter skirt or flared koloklchik, whichever you prefer. It must be tightened at the waist and lush at knee level - to create a very feminine silhouette in the spirit of the 50s.

Blouse is assumed thin, skinny, so it can be to fill in a skirt. Jeans silhouette reminiscent of the model 80s - landing at the waist, tapering but not tight. Waist requires that it emphasized the bright belts as thin and wide. Thin strap can wrap around your waist twice (if the waist allows you), you can tie at the waist thin strip of fabric.

5. Military style grunge

These two styles came to us from the '90s. In the modern form of the clothes should look like this: free leather or kotonovaya jacket to the waist khaki with epaulets and patch pockets tucked slacks from Cotonou or narrowed pants leather, park of plaschevki, cravat. All this is worn with elaborate casualness, heavy shoes and her hair.

6. Accessories

Details dress deserve special mention. A special highlight in the image will make collars and cuffs, who dress as separate elements of the costume. If you can not find these trendy pieces in stores, cut them with a shirt that you do not wear. It is desirable that the cuffs were with intricate colorful studs or buttons.

Flap bag. In principle, this familiar clutch, but now it has increased in size and became colorful.

Bag strap. But this feature is fresh and original. And you can wear a wristband on the hand and ankle, and combining with jeans and cocktail dresses.

 In my opinion, there are plenty to choose from. Be creative, try on something that had never worn, because the spring - an excellent opportunity to add to your image fresh notes. I wish you a beautiful spring mood and bright new things.

Anita Star

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