Fashionable eyeglass frames 2011

Fashionable eyeglass frames 2011
 Points - an accessory that is essential to create a certain image. This item have not only those who have poor eyesight, but also perfectly sighted people - defending against sunlight. Properly chosen and beautiful frame can completely transform the face.

What are the fashionable frames 2011 and as much as possible with the help of glasses to make your unique image?

There are currently no specific rules, shape points can be any - oval, round, rectangular, teardrop and even triangular. With regard to materials, it is as relevant as metal and plastic. For example, in the latest collection by Dolce & Gabbana presents bright plastic frames. Some even decorated with drawings with simulated tiger and leopard skins.

It is possible to identify the main trends.

1) Frames "cat's eyes", which soften the face and give it a naughty and flirty look. Very suitable for young girls.

2) Points as John Lennon, that is round. These frames are perfect for those who have a square face shape, or diamond-shaped. However, chubby people will still "rounder".

3) Retro-style, which is large. Especially good are frames for sunglasses. People with little retro face will not work - features just lost against the background of large bulky accessory.

4) Vanguard. Most of these frames are also opting for sunglasses. Although bold and confident girl happy to wear these glasses all the time.

Very relevant photochromic glasses, which are also called chameleon. They are able to adjust to the light. This is useful for the eyes, and does not require the purchase of separate points from the sun for those with poor eyesight.

You can choose the color according to your preferences. Almost all the fashionable colors: white, black, pastel, purple, light green, orange, red, blue, crimson, brown. To glasses looked more elegant, they are decorated with rhinestones and various decorative elements.

The choice is great, we just have to pick what's right for you. And then the points will be not just a matter for vision correction or protection from ultraviolet radiation, and a real decoration.

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