Fashion Workshop: choose the perfect swimsuit

Fashion Workshop: choose the perfect swimsuit
 Beginning of the swimming season, and it's time to choose their fashionable and comfortable swimsuit. Reflecting on what you want to sunbathe, watch the situation on the catwalks of the world. What types of swimsuits are popular?
 The design of the swimwear outlined two major trends: the asymmetry and retro. Max Azria - King asymmetry - created a series of unusual for swimwear brand Herve Leger. They resemble not so much swimwear as brightly colored bandages, tied to the body, like Milla Jovovich in the film "The Fifth Element".

Oblique asymmetric cuts and details themselves visually lengthen the figure. This kind of asymmetry is presented in Emilio Pucci swimsuit and Tree as Four. They are well suited low dense girls visually "pull" them.

The most common colors swimwear - black, white and flesh. However, white and flesh is not very suitable for swimming: when wet they can be transparent or purchase unpresentable form. Black swimsuit becomes a practical solution.

Are loved and popular with designers feminine swimsuits in retro style. Oscar de la Renta - skinny topic strapless, with a belt at the waist and Barbie - indoor bra straps, high-waisted pants - in the 50s, such models were considered too outspoken, but enjoyed the recognition of women and were in demand. This style swimsuit was loved very Marilyn Monroe movie queen and sex.

When choosing a swimsuit take account of their shape. Properly selected suit will emphasize your strengths and delicately disguise flaws. Strapless bras are not recommended thin and tall girl. But they are perfect triangular cups with volume tabs and bikini. You can also try fused leotard with an open abdomen.

Girls with wide hips and narrow shoulders suit bathing suit, consisting of underwired and shorts. Top is better to choose light colors (white, yellow, solid), and the bottom - dark (blue, black). Women with magnificent breasts can advise joint swimwear with wide straps. Excellent will look decorative belt or bright geometric pattern.

Full figure swimwear light: white, blue, pink. Make you visually slimmer swimwear black, in small cells or with bright holographic pattern. Trying to store swimsuit, make sure that it never stings and do not rub. However, keep in mind that when wet it slightly stretched. Good swimsuit sits strictly on a figure, not constraining movement and sliding when bathing.

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