Fashion trends this autumn

Fashion trends this autumn
 Autumn time is often associated with bad weather, a dull and warm clothing. However, the fall - it's bright and leaves along the road, Indian summer, and most importantly - the opportunity to update your wardrobe with new fashionable things.

Genuine leather takes this fall leading position in the most famous fashionistas wardrobe. It is not surprising, because the leather things incredibly beautiful and impressive look to the female figure. The trend will be any thing from this material - pants, skirts, tops, outerwear and even dresses. The main thing - to choose the right of the figure.


The black color is a favorite of the upcoming autumn. It is present in all the collections of famous designers, as in vogue once again include sophistication, mystery and elegance. What other color could so well to create a mysterious and seductive image. Depending on the structure of the tissue it is also possible to look glamorous, strictly or luxurious.


Things soft warm jersey would simply irreplaceable cold autumn. Many designers have used this fabric in their collections, evaluating its ease and comfort.

Knitted clothing

In the autumn of 2012 will be fashionable everything connected with threads. It does not matter - it is work or manual machine knitting, baggy thing or fitting shape. Such clothes can be safely combined with trousers, classic and long skirts, jeans and even dresses. And as a stylish accessory you can use gloves or leather straps of all shapes and colors.

Long gloves

This fashion trend is still at the peak of popularity, adding the female form a special charm and elegance. They can be worn with almost any clothing - evening dress, jacket with short sleeves and fur vests.

Hessian boots

High boots rainy autumn will be stylish and incredibly comfortable wardrobe item. They can be worn with narrow trousers, worn with dresses and even with their suits. The easiest outfit in conjunction with such shoes will look very impressive and interesting.

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