Fashion Jewelry-2011

Fashion Jewelry-2011
 In 2011, a piece of jewelry - almost the main detail to create a unique image. All kinds of pendants, bracelets, earrings, chains - all these ornaments emphasize the individuality of each young lady.

First place among the jewelry in silver accessories. Very impressive look bulky rings and necklaces. Do not ignore the gold items - they are also held in high esteem. And not only the traditional yellow or white, but pink.

Select jewelry in unusual combinations with their feathers or pieces of skin. It is also possible to select an ensemble of gold and fabrics, such as velvet. This season, fashion is cool tones. This applies to both the metal and stones. Select a colorless diamonds, topaz or blue sapphires. It is blue in jewelry preferred most. Pay attention to the harmonious combination of stones of different colors in a single product. Also relevant decorations with colored pearls, including pink and gray with the now classic shades of black and white.

Choose your products with the black and white combination. This may be a ring in which the rim is made of silver or platinum, and an extensive roseflower be black. Please look at the unusual shapes of various ornaments. It can be as convoluted products and unusual combination of geometric shapes in jewelry stuff.

In 2011, the relevant massive decorations with all sorts of creative combinations. The highlight of the season can be called a portrait image of a woman who looks visually, made of plaster. This portrait can be placed on the ring, and a brooch and pendant.

Fashion jewelry are also with the spirit of the East. The most popular products are considered to be decoration with an inscription. And the inscription was issued in the form of notes on the ring, written by your hand - white gold framed yellow metal. Originally looks inscription on earrings or pendants.

Very care with soft gold - products derived from it are extremely beautiful, but fragile. And finally, select the diamond rings that are inserted into the stone. This unusual combination will give you a unique luster.

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