Fashion Fabric 2011

Fashion Fabric 2011
 Fashion on the fabric in 2011 asked such famous brands as Carolina Herrera, Anna Sui, Chloe, Christian Dior, Banana Rebublic, Philip Lim.

Famous fashion house conquering today transparency and lightness of fabrics, perfectly highlighting the flowing lines of the body and hide flaws. Linen, fine cotton, silk and chiffon enhance romance female image.

One of the key styles of the season - linen, appeared on the fashion Olympus thanks to J. collection. Versace 1995 year. Clothes trend today impossible to imagine without chiffon and lace.

Chiffon (literally "rag" in French) - a hit of the summer season, captivated the world podium. He, along with black, gray and guipure lace seen in the collections of Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, and not only in evening dresses, but in some places and in business suits. The most uninhibited ladies can wear a dress of lace such fine work that they do not hide the underwear of their owner. Under shocking lace bodysuit and fishnet dress belt with transparent stockings.

Still in vogue elegant pleated fabric. Summer colors - white, light colors and bright neon colors. Classic black this season passed their position. One of the trends of the spring-summer season 2011 - coupon fabric with a floral pattern, "predatory" and "snake" prints on fabrics, African patterns and sea, multi-colored stripes, and of course, the cell and peas.

Cool spring and fall of 2011 can not do without denim, tweed and wool, note and hit - suede and leather. Fashionable Leather season in spring 2011 tends to be the natural texture (eg, cork, leather reptiles). Lovers of exotic and extravagant flashy things will surely enjoy coloring imitation of predatory animals or filigree ornament made. Prefer a more peaceful picture? Pay attention to the decoration prints. Figure is limited only by your imagination. The skin is perfect for jackets, pants, leggings, shorts, trench coats, skirts, corsets and belts.

Collections of leading designers dazzle in the literal and figurative sense, jackets, dresses and skirts fitting of colored leather. A variety of colors: unfading white, blue romantic, strict blue, sunny orange ... You can mix and summer paint: yellow-green, red, turquoise ... Experiments only spice up your image.

One of the "cowboy stuff" style of the 70's - fringe is found in the collections of Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Balenciaga, Chanel. Not surprisingly, with the help of clothes, shoes, bags and all kinds of accessories (eg, earrings and hair ornaments), you can make a really original. This property fringe and enjoy designers, decorating it with pleasure their collections.

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