Eternally fashionable black

 After several seasons of vibrating bright colors in vogue back black. Rather, he never went out of fashion, it only remained a little apart from the attention of designers. At Fashion Week this season, almost all the leading designers presented in a number of its models black dresses, black trousers and black jackets.  

DoYves Saint Laurent model not only dressed in black, but also demonstrate the coal-black wigs and black lipstick - a solid "gothic".Stella McCartney presented to the public black mini-dress in the form of an hourglass. Fashion House"Givenchy" - Black leather jackets. And evenChristian LacroixFamous for its garish colors, this season was limited to black, white and gray palette.

So this fall and winter fashion black again, an additional one-balanced color - this season is preferred coral or cream.

And if a few years ago the fashion for the ink of particular designers such as Donna Karan and Calvin Klein, minimalist dresses and demanded strict ascetic costumes, now black dresses and suits became layered, somewhere, even pretentious, with many intricate ornaments, embroidery, braid and combine the most diverse fabric texture.

Fur, feathers, ribbons, shiny buttons, chiffon insets complement the black suits and dresses, giving them a discreet luxury and feminine sophistication.

I dare say that most women are very overjoyed return black. "Black is versatile - says Grace Coddington, creative director of the magazine" Vogue "- you can put two or three black garment, add bright accessories or jewelry catchy, and no one can say that you were" in the black ". So he can "masquerade", which is suitable even for weddings.

And let the color of restraint and even mourning, it is also the color of authority. From a psychological point of view, black - the color of strong, imperious personality, and at the same time to its bearer black clothes he gives a sense of security and tranquility.

Especially wellblack suitable for business clothes. Dress in black, and no boss will reproach you that you are dressed in an inappropriate manner for the office. And it does not necessarily have to be banal knee-length skirt. In fashion skirts flying or asymmetrical cut.

Women love to wear black clothes for many reasons:

• It makes a woman visually slimmer and taller.

• Black clothing perfectly conceals imperfections figures.

• Black clothing is almost always indicative of good taste.

• Black is perfectly combined with any other.

• Black and practical nemarok.

• Clothing black suited to any situation, whether it is day or night, office or restaurant.

• Black color is gorgeous, elegant, mysterious and dramatic.

There is an opinion,that black is almost all. However, beware: black is really slim, but if the garment does not fit or is formless hangs in the figure, it can also ruin the overall impression as the clothes of any other color of the rainbow. So even need to dress in black, taking into account the peculiarities of their type of figure.

Black can sometimes look too rough, especially on the owner of a fine light skin. In the colder months, the black color makes a person too "fuzzy", so a little bright makeup on a winter day will not hurt. It is not necessary to dress entirely in black, without bright spots in daylight - you'll look as if gathered for the funeral.

Be sure to dilute too large mass black bright cheerful details.

Marina Al-Rabac

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