Color ink: select the main trend of the summer

Color ink: select the main trend of the summer
 Color ink periodically coming into fashion. However, this summer it is popular as ever. Try everyday or evening makeup with calm or bright colors, combine colors, choosing mascara under different clothes and makeup. Be creative, because the summer - the perfect time to experiment!
 Black mascara is considered universal and suitable for any make-up. However, in some cases, the color ink for eyelashes makes the image more harmonious, and look - soft. This option is much more suitable for simple everyday makeup. Try mascara dark brown or dark gray color. These tools combine well with shadows and pencils in various shades. Brown ink suitable Fair, warm blondes and red-haired girl and gray perfectly complement the cool makeup for ash blonde or light-brown hair.

If you want to do look more vivid, try mascara dark saturated colors - blue, emerald green, burgundy or purple. These shades do not give color and a hint - lashes are dark, but when turning the head or sunlight they appear beautiful bright tide. This mascara looks impressive, but not provocative and is suitable for both day and for evening makeup. Combine it with the shadows in the relevant schemes and black eyeliner.

Very stylish summer trend - bright mascara with sequins. It can have a variety of shades - from radiant pink and purple to gold and silver. This summer is very relevant azure-blue, aqua tones and khaki. Bright shiny color does not necessarily apply to the entire length of eyelashes - nakraste them your favorite mascara quieter tone, and ends highlight a bright accent. Another option - to put mascara on the lashes at the outer corner of the upper eyelid.

Choosing a color ink, vote not only shade, but also the properties of the product. Prefer a means of increasing the amount or length of eyelashes. Before you apply mascara, curl lashes special forceps - on steep bank of the color will look spectacular. Do not think that a good mascara unusual shades can only be found among the products of luxury brands - a very interesting means of producing professional brands, as well as the brand designed for the mass market.

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