The new fragrance from Jo Malone: ​​freshness and elegance

 Jo Malone will release a new fragrance in October 2007. He was named White Jasmine & Mint and is described as elegant and eccentric, reminiscent of "summer morning in an English country garden

White Jasmine & Mint Cologne - Is a fresh floral fragrance, which included an exclusive mint chord developedJo Malone (It includes notes of wild mint and pepper leaf). In the heart - the aromas of jasmine, harvested on plantations in southern France.

Other notes: Chamomile, coriander, cardamom, bergamot, maize, cassis; ylang-ylang, orange blossom, absolutes, May rose, lily of the valley; cedar, musk, absolutes, mate, vetiver, pine, gayyakovoe tree.

Jo Malone as always suggests the idea of ​​how to combine thisaroma with other creations. So MuchWhite Jasmine & Mint "Can be worn as a little black dress, complementing its bright accessories, such Blue Agava & Cacao orOrange Blossom".

Tags: freshness, flavor