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 Spirits create a unique aura around you and elegant bottle pleases the eye and emphasizes style. One of my friends, when they can not decide which flavor of "wear", choose the perfume bottle is best suited to her clothes. This has its own rational.

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Perfumery art originated back in 2800 BC, according to the first historical information about the perfume. The ancient peoples of Egypt, Greece, Rome and China were used as fragrances for aesthetic and medical purposes. The healing powers of essential oils used in personal hygiene, odor and add flavor to the body and housing. The collapse of the Roman Empire detrimental impact on the perfume business, which was revived only in the 16th century. Then became popular aromatic balls. Most modern perfume factories, such as Yardley, were founded in the 18th century.

When we are looking for "the smell" is not the last role played by the "outfit" spirits. The vials were created not only for storage, but also for the spectacular demonstration of flavor. Their design has become a real mania sets collectors.

For example, recently the exclusive perfume bottle "Treasures of the Sea", designed by the legendary Rene Lalique, was sold at auction for 216,000 dollars collector, who wishes to remain anonymous.

On the eve of the 20th century. Glass, silver and ceramics

By the 18th century, gained recognition bottles for smelling salts and vinegar dressing like miniature chests, fits in the palm or the ladies' glove. Who would this accessory law enforcement authorities suspected that something was wrong.

At the same time became popular essential oils and floral water in attractive glass containers. They could afford not only the aristocracy, but also ordinary people. Just imagine: Napoleon Bonaparte ordered a month on 60 bottles of flower water.

Mid-19th century brought wealth and richness of the Victorian style in the perfume industry. The vials were minted from silver, were decorated with intricate designs, ceramic - encrusted with flowers and glass - faceted so that sparkled in the light. By such splendor ladies were delighted.

Also during the 18th and 19th centuries it was considered a sign of good taste have porcelain bottles.

1900 - 1920. The birth of the legend of the first design

In 1905, Rene Jules Lalique opened his first store glass bottles. Agreeing with the company Coty, he began mass production. Lalique used the original design development. He had a lot to offer fans of flavors. After all, he created jewelry for the star Sarah Bernhardt, he ordered ornaments Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. This master jeweler and stone works is considered one of the most important artists of the Art Nouveau style. For many years, Rene has released thousands of bottles for more than 60 factories. Art Nouveau and Art Deco then provided a huge impact on the perfume industry. Echoes of this influence can be found to this day.

1920 - 1930's. The dominance of Art Deco

Use of perfume on the increase, the perfume industry has continued to grow, and faster. The design becomes noticeably influence of cubism, surrealism and modernism.

Known steklodelnaya factory Baccarat, founded in 1764 in France, has released a number of experimental bottles for famous perfumers (including Elizabeth Arden), carried out in these new styles.

Since the beginning of the 1920s until the beginning of World War II relief, angular forms inherent style of Art Deco, widely used in the design of perfume packaging.

In 1922, in the spirit world there was another revolution. Then were introduced on the market, mainly natural floral fragrances. Coco Chanel released a brand new, a strange odor, combining together with natural - synthetic substance. By the way, it has created a native of Russia, the perfumer Ernest Beaux, emigrant, originating from a family of famous perfumers. Chanel №5 became a great aroma of the 20th century, and his bottle - benchmark elegant simplicity. And in 1930, during the Great Depression in America, Jean Pato presented perfume called "Joy", Joy, which became known as the most expensive fragrance in the world. In the darkest times for the country Pato decided to play on a desperate desire to live is beautiful no matter what. To create a 30 ml Joy used over 10,000 jasmine flowers and 360 roses. The bottle was designed in the same fashion style, its design is clearly influenced by the success of Chanel №5.

The famous Bohemian glass received a "second wind" after the First World War. Bright, colorful bottles, made in the Art Deco style, became popular throughout the world. A skillful craftsman Heinrich Hoffmann will present to fans of perfume bottles startling Bohemian glass. Geometric shapes, classical motifs and disproportionately large plugs - it was typical of the time.

Legendary Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli experimenting not only with new materials in clothing, but also non-standard solutions in the packaging of spirits. In 1936 came the aroma Shocking as a female torso, and later - the charming Le Roi Solei with a cap in the form of the sun, painted by Salvador Dali. By the way, cooperation Dali and Schiaparelli inspired a couple of years ago, Marilyn Manson on the issue of own perfume, which he announced a couple of years ago.

1940 - 1950's. Plastic and early design boom

The postwar period brought into production industrial glass bottles and plastic caps. Cheapness materials compensated catchy new forms and patterns. Famous Lily Dasha, fashion hats and other accessories, has created a bottle as a poodle for flavor Dashing, and a female bust - for Drifting. And released in 1947. New Look from Christian Dior, and later - Miss Dior became a symbol of elegance and refinement.

Elegant heart-shaped bottle for the first fragrance released by Nina Ricci, the house was designed by Lalique, as well as the classic L'Air du Temps.

The invention of the Belgian-American chemist new material bakelite (insoluble synthetic resin) gave producers the opportunity to create bottles of still lower prices.

1960 - present. Under the influence of marketing

In 1960-1970-ies luxury packaging changed inexpensive small size bottles. First appeared in stores flavored paper strips. This move was coined by Giorgio Beverly Hills, in order to increase sales.

Today, some of these masterpieces go "under the hammer" for hundreds of thousands of dollars

The end of the 20th century, when the competition in the market perfumes became particularly serious, was fruitful for original design decisions bottles.

All new forms are created using glass contraption materials. Saturation of the perfume market stimulates famous fashion houses produce the so-called limited-edition fragrance, like, Remember Me by Dior in 2000. Invent something new is becoming harder. Recently, a scandal broke out, caused by the advent of the new fragrance Insolence by Guerlain, bottle design that French court considered too similar to the bottle, created earlier by the Paris Cardiet Design.

There just are not bottles naizobretali our contemporaries, trying to impress buyers and emphasize the flavor characteristics. For example, the capacity for flavor J'S by Jacques Cavalli did the Spanish designer Juan Carlos Rustarazo. In the center of the rectangular bottle threaded silver ring. It looks as if the spirits are piercing.

Invisible underwear

As said Donna Karan, «Fragrance - is the bottom layer of clothing, women's underwear invisible". But for all its invisibility, not hidden from prying eyes is always a bottle that holds priceless "bouquet". And, I agree, love the flavor of the eyes - is also nice. Last year, when held presentation of the National Perfumery Prize PARUS, in the category "Best Design of the bottle" won fragrance «Appartion» by Emanuel Ungaro. It also happens that you madly like the smell, but you would prefer to keep it in a vial. Once in Prague, I bought a friend a bottle of perfume from the Bohemian glass. Was it something intangible, to create a special mood. Girlfriend very happy, saying that her favorite scent just need a decent design. Now in her purse always live this little accessory that once again emphasizes her femininity and delicate taste. Pay attention to the bottle of your favorite perfume, it may - also a work of art!

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