The interior in the style of minimalism: the realm of freedom and light

The interior in the style of minimalism: the realm of freedom and light
 Frantic pace of life, an endless flow of information, a heavy burden borne by the psyche, as well as the dominance of the cult of things in society cause quite understandable outcry from many modern people. They are trying to simplify their existence, making it more quiet and reserved. Some of them find an outlet in the worship of nature, and in the interior of their apartments prefer to see Ecostyle. Other discovered subtle, philosophical perception of the world through minimalism.
 The first thing that catches the eye in the "minimalist" interior is a large open space in which there is "blind", invisible to the review of any point of the room zones. Therefore, if you want to design your home in this style, you have to combine several small rooms, removing unnecessary walls. The division into zones is performed in this case using various partitions or transparent colors flooring.

No less impressive in this design, produce window. They should be large and open to review. If you have a beautiful view from the window, for example, towards a beautiful park or a river, it is the best accentuate your oneness with nature. If there is noise and chaos of the big city, a good idea to protect from their own world, but this flea blinds are used to match the walls or translucent, plain, very concise curtains, deprived of all drawings.

The room should be well lit, and it highlights not only the natural light pouring freely from the window, but the color scheme of the ceiling, floor and walls. Admitted white, beige, gray-steel color and all shades of gray. Of materials - plaster, smooth and embossed, paintable wallpaper, brick, stone, cork and wood. Lamps or very easy to perform, or masked and do not attract attention.

Furniture in the interior of minimalism is always different simple geometric shapes and often not visible, because the shelves, cabinet doors, table tops and chairs can be made of glass or other transparent materials, making them as if dissolved in air. Sofas - is clear rectangles with the same rectangular pillows and monochromatic, neutral upholstery.

Bored - you might say, and you will be wrong. In such an interior always have on what to look. Yes, on the sofas and chairs, you will not see ruffles and frills, and on countertops and furniture legs - ornate carving. But the materials making up these seemingly simple things are always ultra-modern, with the latest achievements of science.

On the walls there are no rich paintings in gilt frames or elaborately carved mirrors, but by one single graphic in a simple frame that is placed on a wall, or on a modern sculpture in the center of the room, you can not tear your eyes. Little, but the best! The same applies to furniture: it is not grouped and piled up in one part of the room, but is spread in such a way that fills all the space and seems important any subject.

At first glance, such an interior looks simplistic, but the comfort of a soft, simple geometric shape sofa, you will lose the cargo daily worries, relax and feel calm and free.

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