Rattan furniture - a piece of wilderness home

Rattan furniture - a piece of wilderness home
 Furniture made of natural material, always looks extremely beautiful. Rattan is the perfect natural raw material for the manufacture of interior items. Due to the natural beauty, the original design solutions and modern processing, rattan furniture is very popular today. Simplicity of form, grace and charm fashion products from this natural material does not leave anyone indifferent.
 Rattan - a liana East, which for many centuries in demand in the world as one of the most reliable, versatile and amazingly beautiful materials for furniture. It grows in subtropical regions of Southeast Asia. This vine twists and penetrates the thick tropical jungle, caressed by the sun light and saturated with moisture. She shoots, interwoven with flowers and leaves absorb the night quiet pace of wild animals that came to hunt in the afternoon - a resounding cacophony of exotic birds and monkeys perekrikivanie. Even after special treatment at a furniture factory rattan plant remains from the impenetrable jungle.

Rattan furniture, like a sea shell, in which you can hear the sound of the waves forever retains a bit of the wild tropics. Cabinets, shelves, computer table, rocking chair rattan - all this in our house is not just a piece of furniture, this furniture is transformed into a kind of an island, distant and fascinating world.

Rattan is environmentally safe, it can withstand extreme temperatures, do not fade in the sun, he is not afraid of moisture. He is very easy to bend and steam treatment is able to take almost any form, given by the designer. Furniture from a durable, ergonomic and at the same time very elegant. Objects made of natural rattan always coated with a special transparent lacquer. For connoisseurs of the individual style of furniture can be painted with colored lacquer - black, red, green, brown.

The ideal combination of practicality and excellent shape, rattan furniture is very popular. It serves as an indicator of good taste host. Widespread tables, rocking chairs, chairs made of this material. They may be of various sizes and shapes. Such furniture looks aesthetically pleasing for any stylistic features of the interior. Wicker rattan home furnishings are ideal for arranging the villa veranda, pergola or arbor in the garden.

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