Pharmacy in the house: the healing properties of houseplants

Pharmacy in the house: the healing properties of houseplants
 Indoor plants not only to decorate the house, give him comfort and are pleasing to the eye hosts, but also help in various diseases. The main thing - to know the healing properties of flowers and properly care for them.

 This is the most undemanding plant that can grow even people far from floriculture. Aloe is a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect. Juice and pulp of the leaves is used for infusions, decoctions, drops and compresses. For the treatment need to take leaves of not less than six inches, and only at that plant, whose age is more than three years.


 Leaf juice and extracts are mainly used as an external agent. Fresh juice of the plant has anti-inflammatory action. They treat skin conditions such as cuts, burns, boils.

Rosemary scented

 Essential oils that produce leaves of this plant, kill bacteria and purify the air in the apartment. The infusion of rosemary leaves used as a tonic and cholagogue. But allergies should be careful when growing this plant at home, and it is better to abandon it altogether.


 Quite undemanding plant, which besides having medicinal properties are also very beautiful. The aroma of flowers geranium has a bactericidal action. The leaves of this plant are used to treat ear infections in children. Also geranium leaves can be applied to the wounded area of ​​the skin. However, remember that geranium should not be in the bedroom or children's room, because it essential for prolonged inhalation of vapors may lead to cardiac abnormalities


 In the common people call it "golden mustache" or "domestic ginseng". Kallizii leaves can be applied to wounds, bruises, cuts. But you need to use the leaves of the plant, which is formed on the side chains of at least nine "joints", and they get a purple hue. On top of this plant is recommended to put in the bedroom, as it produces compounds that soothe the nervous system.

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