Painting the interior

Painting the interior
 Presence in the interior is decorated with paintings and gives individual style home, indicates the tastes and preferences of its inhabitants. To make the interior and the picture of a single design style used baguette, which can be ordered in any workshop in accordance with your wishes. What rules must be followed to paintings or reproductions organically complement your home decor?

The most suitable background for placing paintings are monochromatic wall. Interior of a room can be combined with pictures or be completely opposite. All depends on the preferences of the owner. Pictures not only can indicate the style and way of life, but also to speak directly about the atmosphere of the whole house and the mood of its inhabitants. Some pictures can emphasize the irrepressible desire to live, to enjoy, to love. Others - confirm a sense of longing, sorrow and detachment. Therefore, it is important to choose to decorate the interior exactly the product that best reflect your inner world.

Reproduction in any style and any content should only carry positive energy. Do not need to be placed on the walls of the image bloody drama, massacres and other negative composition. This can adversely affect the power house and its inhabitants.

If the wall is a huge canvas, the little picture next to it is better not to hang. Interior decorating pictures must be remembered that they only emphasize his personal style and individuality, and that the house - not an art gallery, where there are hundreds of paintings. If the home owners interested in painting or have a habit of buying a lot of reproductions of various artists, it is best to place them in a separate room, arrange it in the style of an exhibition or museum.

Also, to accommodate the paintings and underscores the successful reproduction of the interior should be placed in accordance with the purpose of the space. For the living room will suit bright, juicy and cheerful picture. The bedroom should prevail atmosphere of comfort, peace and quiet, so still lifes should have subtle shades and related subjects. For the kitchen the most appropriate option decorations and additions will be paintings of fruit, fruit trees, vegetables, picnics, as well as paintings of utensils and crockery. Picture with the image of falling water (eg waterfall) should be just in front of the beholder. Behind the back (eg, behind the couch) such images are not posted. To personalize a child's room, you can choose the image with the scenery of the school, learning, games and so on.

The convenient location of the pictures gives any home an individual style and harmony.

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