One child for two

One child for two
 You have two children, a room at their disposal only one? In this case it is necessary to be patient! Very often, the older and younger child conflicts may arise relating to matters of "personal space." Of course, you would love to have each of your children had their own room. But, unfortunately, very often it is impossible from the material point of view ...
 If so, try to do everything possible to have two children were able to feel in the same room as comfortable as possible.

Each child comes to life when he begins to dream of your own room. He is his own master, can accommodate personal belongings as it is convenient. Adults understands this need and try to provide the son or daughter of the ideal conditions for life. But when a second child, the child can begin real "turf war".

At this point, most parents have very complex, ambiguous feeling. On the one hand, they feel a little ashamed for infringing the rights of the older child. On the other hand, they require understanding. Try to prepare a son or daughter to the fact that soon in the nursery will have another little master.

Ask your child to help you in rebuilding premises: let this process will be similar to an exciting game. Emphasize what you opinion is very important baby. Perhaps, in this case, the senior will be much easier to understand and accept the situation for what it is.

To organize children's harmonious and comfortable accommodation of two children, should clearly separate the "border", "territory" - given the age of each child, gender, and interests. For example, if a senior is already in school, it should be a separate table for cooking lessons. A younger should be allocated its own table, where the child will be able to sculpt in clay or paint, without interfering with the older brother or sister. Every kid should have a toy box, a cupboard for books and clothes.

A very important aspect of children's "dorm" - a daily routine. Of course, the senior will be outraged if, after school, he will have to keep quiet - because at that time the youngest sleeps! To avoid quarrels about it, you can purchase for a baby crib on wheels: while the older child is playing in his room, the younger can sleep peacefully in your room.

Planning interior nursery, consider the needs of two children. Consult with them, create warmth and comfort - and let your kids live together and have fun!

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