How to make home safe

How to make home safe
 The house has always been a symbol for human comfort, warmth and security. Home people are awake and sleep, work and play with children and welcome guests - that is, spend most of their time. That's why care must be taken to make your home safe from the inside.

1) To make the home safe, you need to verify the integrity and clean with available seats electrical wires. Do not run extension cords across the room so as not to trip over the possibility of the wire.

2) Do not include several large electrical appliances into one outlet. Use surge protectors.

3) Be sure to check periodically performance sockets. Unreliable broken, sparking outlet must be promptly replaced.

4) The bathroom set with outlet covers to prevent water ingress.

5) Check the safety of electrical appliances. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the wires: if the insulation layer on the wire is broken, do not turn the device into a power outlet.

6) Install the house fire sensors that react to heat or smoke. Purchase extinguishing media, such as a fire extinguisher.

7) Use of sustainable furniture. Securely and carefully place the large pieces of furniture: cabinets, walls, kitchen sets. Be sure to check the reliability of mounting shelves and brackets.

8) Check for loose chandeliers and sconces.

9) Avoid placing heavy objects on the top shelf, to prevent their falling.

10) If you buy furniture with drawers, make sure that their design was equipped with a special delimiter. He will not give you a box to fall out on their feet, if you pull too hard on the handle.

11) secure the floor carpet on the floor with special Velcro, it was impossible to trip over the edge of the carpet.

12) Purchase bath mats with non-slip coating the back side.

13) Make a less slippery surface of the bath by gluing on her bottom a special sticker or rubber mat.

14) Try to use less household cleaning products in the home, as many of the modern means for cleaning and washing can be harmful to health. If possible, purchase eco-friendly products for cleaning the premises.

15) If you live in a private home, take care of installing alarm systems.

16) In that case, if you live in an apartment on the ground floor, attach reliable bars on the windows.

Further security requirements in the house should be exercised if you live a little kid.

17) Lock all doors, the opening of which can be dangerous for the baby. Tightly close the door to the workshop with tools for glass-free balcony. Put locks on lockers for drugs and household chemicals. If you have a glass cabinet with dishes, should also limit the access of the child to its contents.

18) Install the plastic locks on the drawers of the chest, so that the child could not pinch your fingers.

19) Use plastic covers for outlets.

20) Place the guides to the window, to make it possible to open them up to 10-15cm. If you leave a child alone in a room, even for a short time, be sure to close the window. Make sure that under the window does not possess any furniture or other items that a child could use as a step.

21) Remove from the field reach the baby sharp objects: knives, scissors, manicure equipment. Keep them locked up or placed on high shelves. Also, you must prevent access of the child and other dangerous things: matches, lighters, sewing accessories, plastic bags, light bulbs.

22) If you have a glass table, be sure to stick to it color film. Do the same with glass doors, and that the child can not be overlooked.

23) Close all sharp edges, glued to it plastic or rubber blotches. Remove any sharp items of furniture. For example, remove the decorative top of the headboard.

24) Limit access to any child heaters: a radiator, fireplace, electric heater. Batteries can hang cover, fireplace with grill guard of the partition so that the child could not get stuck in them. Heater switch on only when you yourself are in the room.

25) Remove any small objects within reach with the baby area. Should not be left unattended beads, rings, earrings, pins, buttons, batteries, etc.

26) Do not use a cloth hanging from the edges, pulling that baby could topple over the dishes. Do not leave on the edge of the table mugs with hot drinks, forks and knives.

27) Prefer appliances with the function of protection of children. Use special protective panel cookers to protect the child from possible burn.

28) If there is a ladder, put protective devices at the top and at the bottom of the third step. It is also good to put on the steps of a soft non-slip coating.

29) Put in the bathroom safety cover for the mixer, which will protect a child from scalding hot water.

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