How to choose and to lay laminate flooring

How to choose and to lay laminate flooring
 Laminate - durable and high quality flooring. It gives the room an elegant, well-groomed appearance. Laminate flooring has a number of positive advantages: not afraid of direct sunlight, it is shock-resistant, non-flammable, it does not leave marks on the furniture, and, most importantly, it is easy to clean - just wipe the floor with a damp cloth.

Laminated panel consists of four layers: a base milominovoe, wood sheet, a decorative layer with imitation wood and a protective layer of acrylic resin. The thickness of the laminated board 6 to 11 mm, width 20 cm and length of the web to 1, 50 cm. In a floor area equal to one package 2, 131 sq.m. Weight - 15 kg. The warranty period of the laminate 23 class is 15 years.

Wear resistance of the laminate is determined by its class: AC1 / 21 AC2 / 22, AC3 / 23. The higher the class of the laminate, the higher its value. Therefore, you should pay extra money, and put, for example, in the bedroom 21 class in the living room and the children's 22, and in the hallway and the kitchen, where the permeability of the people above - 23.

Of course, there are limits to such universal coverage. You can not, for example, make laminate floors in the showers, saunas, bathhouses. Excess moisture makes it vulnerable, it loses its quality, and its life falls sharply.

Before putting laminate, should prepare the main floor. It must be perfectly smooth and dry. Travel along the floor on top of the substrate, which serves teploshumogidroizolyatsiey. And it lay panel.

Laminate called "floating floor" because it fits without rigid attachment to the base. Located on the edge of lamininata "locks", by which the fabric are joined together easily. Put half of the laminate can be on its own, after referring to the instructions included in every package.

Usually begin to lay the floor with any room left side, moving towards the right. The first row of panels laid ridge away from you, departing 1 cm from the wall, this technology requires laying laminirovennogo floor. The next panel is attached to the previous using the mechanical lock, and so it goes until the end of the first row. Surplus panels can be cut saw or jigsaw.

The second row start with the fact that the panel is cut in half, to continue to lay the floor in a checkerboard pattern. Panel of the second row comb inserted into the slots of the first row and press down, as if snapped. Side ends tamp cubes with a hammer.

Once the entire floor is covered with laminate, mounted plinth and do wet cleaning the floor.

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