Fireplaces in the interior

Fireplaces in the interior
 Fireplace is most often associated with a country house: a large room, like a castle, fireplace, in which the crackling wood, no breaking the silence around the house, and the man sitting with a glass of wine in a chair next to the fire. They say that looking at the fire can be infinite. You can verify this fact fireplace can become part of the interior and urban apartments.  
 Fireplace historically perceived as an element of luxury - in Russia was at a premium Russian stove, heated huts and houses. The first fire appeared in ancient Rome: it was used for heating rather large rooms, so often is centered. As the passion for fire laid in the human gene, fireplaces popular today.

They all have the same structure, despite the variety of models. The fire must be a chimney and furnace linings. Errors in the design and construction of the more lead to the inability to use, this should be remembered.

Chimneys are brick, steel and steel double-circuit. This part of the fireplace must be airtight and provide good traction and heat. The furnace can be a traditional open or closed in the form of a cast-iron door with a camera and a heat-resistant glass, which can be seen in flames.

Remember, the construction of an open furnace - a serious matter, charging that only need a highly qualified specialist. If the fireplace is designed correctly, the fire is burning at the back of the firebox.

Lining may be different, because it is part of the decorative fireplace, it all depends on your desires. It is possible to use marble, solid wood or natural stone, depending on the style. For example, a fireplace decorated with baroque Florentine mosaics in the portal (framing the fireplace around the furnace in the form of the letter "P") are placed carvings and reliefs with biblical scenes.

Fireplace in country style decorated with crushed marble or rough-hewn stone. On the mantel shelf are cute little things: porcelain statuettes and vases. Fireplace accessories are made in a deliberately rough style and are also design elements.

When making a fire in high-tech style using modern refractory materials, sparkling polished metal. The portal can be absent, and the furnace is located above the floor - a fireplace can be easily rearranged to a new location.

Fans of the old fireplace in a luxury suit the style of the king's tile. He is faced with painted tiles - thin slices of baked bricks, which are placed on a solution and fix the wire. Several centuries ago, these fireplaces decorated with royal palaces in our country.

Fireplace in the interior has a central organizational role. Most often it is placed against the wall in the corner. Recently, however, there was a tendency to put fireplaces in the center of the room. In this case, the rest of the decoration of the room is adjusted for the design element.

The apartment high-rise building can be installed electric heater - it simulates the flame and further heats the room. You can install it in any room from the living room to the bedroom. Electric fireplace can simulate burning coal or wood - the choice of the owner.

If you want to admire certainly on an open fire, think about installing a gas fireplace running on natural gas or propane. This fireplace will warm the room, and the flame will create the illusion of burning firewood.

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