Country house or apartment in the center?

Country house or apartment in the center?
 With a significant income when you can afford any property, often the question arises, where to live? Which is better: apartment in the center of the city, which allows you to quickly get to the place of business meetings or a vacation home, where you can escape from the city?

The cost of apartments in the center of a large city high. It is necessary to understand what are the benefits of its lucky owner. As mentioned above, work place or a place of negotiations with partners and customers, usually located in the city center. Therefore the problem of time-consuming in this case is solved much easier than for the residents of the residential districts and suburban towns.

In addition to the opportunity to work close to home also eliminates the problem of visits to various cultural and recreational activities, which often take place in the historic or downtown. It is difficult to imagine that the Congress after work, home outside the city, you can easily decide to go back to the center for entertainment, breaking a considerable distance. Is also unlikely to bring joy to return later in remote areas, where public transport does not go and walk to get problematic.

Advantages of living in the city center are obvious, but there is a downside. About disastrous ecological condition of most cities, however. If you are constantly under the windows of cork, it is unlikely that you will enjoy a constant exhaust from cars.

Also do not forget about the noise from the rest of which you can only go somewhere away from the center, and therefore from the house. But housing is designed, including for recreation. What a vacation when you do not feel comfortable in a noisy environment?

In suburban homes with the environment and the problem is completely solved the noise. If the village is located away from major routes and is not affected by the winds blowing from the plants, its ecological condition is quite suitable for your health. Noise here can be only from neighbors, which in any case are located farther away from you than neighbors in the apartment building.

You may also in its sole discretion to dispose of the entire area of ​​the house and the area next to it, not afraid to change the layout of the inside of their homes.

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