About the mirrors and their possibilities

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 Mirrors have always been considered magical and mysterious objects possessing character and soul. Women have a special relationship with reflective surfaces. Some damsels mirror flatter, while others - show the truth unvarnished.
 Mirrors have a number of very interesting properties. They can visually enlarge the space and pull. Therefore, hang and put the best thing in a small room, which will visually appear larger. Large living rooms and bedrooms because mirrors will look not as comfortable as possible at all, do not place the subject in a large room.

Mirrors have mystical and magical properties. If you hang this item decor front of the door, all the negative energy will return back to the street. But you can not have a mirror opposite the bed when you sleep, the reflecting surface will pull you out of power, and you wake up with even more fatigue.

It is not advisable to quarrel in the room in which the subject is, it can absorb all the negativity and keep it off. Mirrors can increase prosperity, so if you are all well, garnish with this element of the decor as many rooms. But he can also increase the number of troubles and failures. To smooth the negative effect of mirrors, purchase accessory oval or round shape.

Mirrors manufactured using different pigments. Glass can be both standard colorless and dull, or even multi-colored. The classic version is created from aluminum and silver. Silver mirror more realistic, because in contrast to aluminum, they do not distort the image. Another plus jewelry metal - glass based on it are not afraid of moisture.

Colored mirrors can decorate any room, it is enough to choose the right shade. This glass is transparent and has reflective properties, so the only difference is the color of the image. Make like a mirror with the help of toning.

You can purchase a reflective surface with different patterns, they can be obtained through the engraving, screen printing, sandblasting and matting. This mirror will be a real decoration for the room. Sometimes the subject is built into the cabinet, then it is not visually enhance a large room, but do not decorate it.

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