The Tsar's bed

The Tsar's bed
 Sleep on the royal bed - not with the incomparable feeling. And nice and soft, and comfortable. Make yourself at home can be the same on their own. Just have to make some effort and exactly follow the recommendations of experts.
 On the assurances of experts, to improve your life, you can just properly emptying. And no small importance in this bed. If you choose the right mattress and bedding, you can give yourself the king's sleep for the whole night.

Pay attention to how much is your bed. It should not be directed against the light. After all, it will be permanently blind your eyes at dawn and wake you up ahead of time. If you can not move your bed away from the light source at such a distance that it would not hurt you, get yourself a special mask for sleep, which will protect you from too sharp impact of the morning sun.

Guarantee of good sleep, and hence the fact that your bed can be safely called a "royal" - a low pillow under his head. If your body will be in unnaturally elevated position, a good sleep is not out of the question. In this case, you are breaking the natural functioning of body systems, blood flow to the brain slows down, which can lead to a feeling of fatigue after waking up. Doctors are allowed to sleep on a high pillow only to those people who have any diseases of ENT organs or heart.

Furthermore, the cushion must not be too soft or too hard. Many bedding manufacturers today offer a huge selection of suitable stiffness pillows for comfortable sleep. Remember that the ideal should not prominaetsya under the weight of the head. It will just be a small depression in the ground.

It just seems to be perfect for a bed and a comfortable sleep on it - a soft mattress, which can fail. From this it is necessary to get rid of the mattress as soon as possible. Because it spoils the posture leads to the development of cardiovascular disease, curvature of the spine and as a consequence, the emergence of degenerative disc disease. This dream can hardly be called the king's. So you need to replace the mattress on moderately hard. When you lie down on it, the spine should not sag.

Linens, despite the fact that it does not affect the correction of the spine or a comfortable position of the body during sleep, plays an important role in the process of turning your bed to the king. Linen have to be made of natural materials - cotton, silk and others. They allow you not to sweat during sleep and feel very comfortable. The possibility of not waking up at night due to the fact that you were damp, is the key to what you are able to fully sleep, and therefore feel yourself healthier and more energetic.

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