The mirrors in the interior

The mirrors in the interior
 Not always correspond to the desired layout of the apartment. Low ceilings, uncomfortable narrow room, the lack of sunlight - all this will help to brighten up the mirror in the interior. When properly positioned, they are able to correct any deficiencies room. Unfortunately, most of the mirror in the apartment is only a functional sense. But any room can be transformed beyond recognition, only use a mirror.
 The morning begins with each person hygiene in the bathroom. Bathroom mirrors is better to choose an oblong, of sufficient width to people it is fully recognized. Very convenient system of two mirrors, looking at each other, allowing to see themselves from all sides. Frame for such mirrors should be of stainless steel and eludes moisture material.

In the hallway mirror can be placed on a wall or door. If the corridor is narrow, the best is the location of mirrors on opposite walls. Thus is created a mirror effect of the corridor, which is visually push the wall. You can reinforce the impression, to use the right lighting.

In the living room mirror - not a mandatory part of the interior. But as a decorative element is necessary. There are ideal circular shape mirror, as well as oval and rectangular, arranged horizontally. It must be remembered that the mirror frame should be in harmony with the rest of the decoration. If you find a suitable frame is difficult, it is necessary to give preference to a frame made of wood discreet shades. This item is organically fit into any interior.

For a child's room mirror - often develop conditions. Scarce learns to accept their appearance, to evaluate it to be neat and clean person. The mirror in the children's need to hang on to such a level that the baby could totally see myself in it. Frame for a mirror, you can choose any: plastic, metal, wood - if only she liked the little master room.

Mirror in the bedroom, of course, it is certainly on the ceiling. But it would be appropriate, rather, for the rooms of young bachelors and inveterate Don Juan. And for ordinary couples such design refinements to anything. Better to hang a mirror at an angle to the wall, skillfully illuminate a lamp, and it will give the environment a special charm and comfort. Add romance and candles lit around the mirror. It is not necessary to hang it next to or opposite the bed. You can position the mirror at the entrance to the bedroom.

Framing mirrors must be in keeping with the rest of the objects in the room. If the room is decorated in a retro style, then the mirror should be in the same style. You can buy a set: mirror frame and sconces or mirror frame and photo frame. Such a composition will look very favorably.

Mirror in the room most profitable looks broad wall. It makes the room visually larger. And if in the apartment low ceilings, mirrors need to choose elongated vertically.

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