The choice of curtains: from classic to contemporary

The choice of curtains: from classic to contemporary
 The final chord in creating a symphony of comfort and cosiness in the house is the choice of curtains. They should always be in harmony with the overall interior space and be cured with him in the same style.
 Curtains first appeared in China more than a thousand years ago. Since then, they not only protect the house from dust, sun and noise, but also bear the aesthetic problem decor.

Modern house is almost impossible to imagine without such an element of textile decoration, like curtains. There is no doubt that from an excellent texture fabrics, such as satin or velvet, rich, room is filled with a special atmosphere of luxury and refinement.

Textile market offers fabrics for curtains wide variety of textures and colors that will serve to delight you for years to come.

Choosing curtains, you need to pay attention to the style of the room, to respect the general harmony. Concise, rather short and without deep folds curtains suitable for the kitchen. Interior living room or bedroom requires more democratic model. For rooms in a classic style suitable heavy and thick curtains with drapes, pleats and lambrequins (separate upper elements curtains hanging directly under the eaves).

Country style allows for laces, bows, frills and ruffles. Exotic interior correspond to bright, saturated fabric with ornaments. Strict and austere high-tech combined with curtains made of metallic fabric with embossed pattern. If the room has antique furniture, the fabric handmade antique fit perfectly.

Carefully picked blinds delicately highlight the style, not dragging attention to himself. In addition to decorating the windows and curtains solve spatial problems more applications. With their help, the room can be visually reduce or enlarge, darken or make lighter. For very sunny rooms suitable dense curtains, and if windows are located on the north side - it is enough and thin tulle. Modern types of pleated fabrics retain the effect of "chewing" even after washing and ironing. Very popular curtains transparent organza, rep, velvet and wool, opaque silk and cotton fabrics.

The value of curtains in the interior of the house over time has become increasingly important. With the advent of new fabrics, types of curtains, mechanisms and elements of decor, they are gaining in popularity.

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