The choice of color in the interior

The choice of color in the interior
 Color in the interior plays a significant role, because it determines the quality of recreation and human performance, even his health. So before you choose a color, you need to think, what is the function of a room that you will do it - to eat or to work, sleep or receive visitors, etc.
 Color in the interior

For every room in the apartment, there are several variants of the most successful colors. For example, food can be selected for red, yellow or a combination thereof - an orange color. These colors increase appetite, but the black color is not recommended, as it is, on the contrary, it oppresses.

For a small bath suit pastel colors with white, black and bright highlights. But if the bathroom is spacious, it is possible to play with contrasting colors.

The bedroom is usually used soft pastel tones, creating an atmosphere of comfort. But you can use shades of red, as it is considered the best background for love games.

Children's room color scheme is chosen based on the age of the baby. For example, for the crumbs up to two years is better to use soft warm tone. For a child of preschool age, you can use a lot of bright contrasting colors, but a schoolboy interior will not work - will detract from the lessons. Therefore, for a child older than 7 years need to use calm and strict shades.

For the living room there are no definite rules. Color in the interior can be any thing - that they liked you and not too clash with the rest of the room.

The color values

The red color gives people confidence and cheerfulness, but it is considered the most aggressive, so it can act on human depressing. Yellow encouraging and improves mood. Orange color enhances the feeling of warmth.

Green - the color of harmony and peace, it is especially favorable for choleric. Blue also gives a sense of peace and has a relaxing effect.

White and black colors form a separate group. White visually enhances the space, and black are used to underscore other colors, but in large quantities it can suppress the rights and naveivaet gloomy thoughts.

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