Honeysuckle Color: fashionable interior in pink tones

Honeysuckle Color: fashionable interior in pink tones
 Trendsetter in interior design, the company Pantone, each year choose the color of the year for the modern interior. In 2012, he became the color of honeysuckle or pink. Oddly enough, but this shade is present in most design interior decoration.
 Designers strongly recommend the use of color in the design of honeysuckle interior design. It is characterized by the intensity of pink color with a reddish tint. Unusual and bright, it looks great in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and even in the bathroom.

Working on the design, it should be noted that the interior in pink tones in perfect harmony with white, cream, chocolate, gray and dark purple hues. The perfect combination of pink color in the interior with other colors makes it possible to use this tone in the design of any room. Importantly, do not get too carried away by this beautiful color, and do not forget to dilute it more calm tones. After all reside in a bright pink room not too comfortable.

Wallpaper or furniture color honeysuckle rejuvenate space and breathe new life into it. A small cast in the chair pink veil becomes cheerful accent any living room or bedroom.

Fantastic look painted in the color of the wall, textiles, individual design elements or large spaces. Do not be afraid that the color honeysuckle turn an apartment in the house of Barbie. He has a deep, bright saturated shade than the classic pink.

Pink color in the interior can be used for any premises. After all, this cheerful shade adds adrenaline in life. It can rightly be called the color of bold and bright people who are not afraid to experiment. He gives confidence in their abilities, lifts mood, creates an atmosphere of warmth and joy.

And if you do not want to change the interior of a radical way, you can buy more interesting candlesticks, glassware, decorative items, cutlery, decorated in pink. These little things can easily be replaced in the future in the event of a radical change in the world of fashion design.

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