English style in the interior

English style in the interior
 Traditional English style is a combination of gentility and rigor. If you are a supporter of family values ​​and comfort, not indifferent to the elegant interior, which sets the basis for wooden furniture, create a English style in your home.

Living Room.

When making a living wall of English use wood panels or heavy textured wallpaper in small patterns. Decorate the ceiling moldings or choose analog of polyurethane foam or vinyl. The color scheme can be any from cold shades of blue, green and gray to warm orange or golden.

Great importance in the English interior textiles plays. Fabric in this style is an important figure - the classic pinstripe acanthus leaf, peas, and others. The material is selected with the "noble" texture - this can be a damask, velvet or velor.

In the design of the living room using different elements of decor - heavy drapes on the windows, embroidered decorative pillows on the sofas, antique clocks, paintings.

All furniture should be made of wood, preferably dark colors. Select home furnishings from bog oak, yew, walnut, mahogany.


Make the bedroom on the same principle as the living room. Stick to traditional canons of English: the walls - wood paneling and wallpaper on the floor - dark wood flooring, windows - heavy curtains.

The centerpiece of the bedroom should occupy a bed of wood or wrought iron. You can make a bed with posts to further locate them canopy.

Mandatory attribute of an English bedroom is a soft carpet, designed to create a sense of comfort and affluence.

Dining Room.

A striking example of the English style in the dining room is the presence of a dining table and chairs round shapes with curved backs. The lack of modern elements, intricate shapes give the kitchen a rigorous, yet sophisticated look.

English-style dining abound such trifles as porcelain saucers on the walls, wicker baskets, clay pots. But do not overdo it - a classic English style does not tolerate pretentiousness.

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