Bedroom interior: how to use the space wisely

Bedroom interior: how to use the space wisely
 Planning interior bedroom - it is a creative process that requires good preparation. If the area of ​​the room is large enough, you will not have problems with the placement of necessary furniture. Otherwise, when space is limited, you have to be smart. After all, how convenient and functionally planned bedroom design depends on your emotional and physical comfort.
 The main purpose of the planning of the small size of rooms is increasing the visual space. This can be achieved through the right combination of colors, lighting and furniture.

The central object of any bedroom is the bed. If it is an impressive size, it will significantly reduce the area of ​​the already small room. Therefore, when choosing to take a look back in bed without legs - they look smaller.

Also reduce the area of ​​wardrobes and cupboards. Replace them with built-in wardrobe, dressing room or on the drawer (box) located under the bed. Rational use internal space closet, dividing it into sections or installing additional shelves. When replacing the massive trellis attached to a large bathroom mirror becomes easy and visually increases in size.

Technique, which is in the bedroom is better to move to the living room. However, if this can not be done, think about how to use wall space. For example, it can be hanging shelves or attach a flat screen TV directly to the wall, in this case does not require a curbstone under it, allowing you to free up space.

When you select a background color bedrooms (wallpaper, paint for walls) give preference to lighter tones.

In addition to the main lighting, falling from the top (chandeliers), create additional sources. This can be sconces, floor lamps, creating a subdued light. The combination of basic and additional lighting will help to visually soften the edges bedroom that will make it more spacious.

It is desirable that a small bedroom curtains on the windows were made of light fabrics or roman blinds that are raised if necessary, forming a graceful drape.

Instead of a few paintings hang one that is in harmony with the colors of the interior. But such details as decoration vase and pillows make the interior of your bedroom fun and elegant.

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