Bedroom Feng Shui

Bedroom Feng Shui
 Bedroom - a special place in the house. In this room, people spend a third of life. In the dream, man draws strength for their daily activities. Therefore, the interior should have to rest. Auspicious feng shui bedroom is more important than the harmony of the other rooms. Where it should be room in the house? How to create a soothing surroundings, which is able to restore mental and physical energy?

More than 4,000 years ago in the east was born philosophy of feng shui. Its main task was and remains - the achievement of human harmony with the world and himself. Following the laws of Feng Shui, according to their individual qualities, each can control circumstances, to achieve happiness and success.Bedroom Feng Shui is recommended to have as far as possible from the entrance to the house and make sure that no adverse direction coincided with the location of the room.

Young couples is recommended to make a bedroom on the east side, the rays of the rising sun will create the right atmosphere. Older people, as well as couples who dream of romance, on the contrary, should opt for the west.

Active people can plan bedroom on the north or east. This arrangement helps a deep and restful sleep and recuperation. Couples dreaming of a passionate relationship, it is necessary to use the southern direction.

Restless person suffering from insomnia, will feel uncomfortable in a room located in the north-east, because here there was an active power flow.

Businessmen suitable for recreation room overlooks the south-east. Since the energy of the room will facilitate interaction and communication with business partners.

Southwest - not the most favorable for the bedroom area. A person in this room can develop a sense of self-doubt.

Since the bedroom - it is primarily a place of rest, there should prevail soft colors, rounded shapes, flowing lines, moderate lighting (Yin). If the intimate life needs extra stimulation, or you do not get enough sleep, you need to shift the balance towards Yang.

Color scheme should be selected based on the size of the room. For small area suitable light bright colors. They create a sense of volume. Conversely, a spacious bedroom cozy Take a deep rich shades.

The main subject of the bedroom is the bed. Other furniture should be few and setit should be relative to the position of the bed. Pay special attention to the location of the mirror. It is impossible to be in the head or in front of the bed. Since all the energy, including negative, will be reflected and return man.

Feng Shui is the basic rule - sleeper spouse has to be double, rectangular shape, not bend and wobble. It is believed that the individual making the bed in the family division, as well as two separate mattress using a double bed. Atheir round or oval shape deprive sleeping man protection and support. Reliance must be reliable, therefore unacceptable water and inflatable mattresses.

Another strict trebovanie- bed should not be placed in front of the front door and come into contact with the wall headboard only. To each of the partners had the opportunity to stand up, not climbing over the other.

Try not to place in the bedchamber many houseplants, constantly look after them, just cut the dried leaves and make sure that they do not obstruct the sunlight. Potted flowers create an atmosphere of Yin. Is not recommended in the bedroom to find a large number of symbols of water, such as aquariums, fountains, paintings with water landscapes and so. D. This can lead to financial difficulties and difficulties in understanding.

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