Aquarium house - interior decoration

Aquarium house - interior decoration
 Clean water, pebbles on the bottom, slow oscillations underwater algae, floating by exotic fish. No, this is not the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, and home aquarium. Home aquariums have in many families. How would you or staged, it is always a nice holiday for the eyes: a small little corner of the world, not how it is similar to ours, located behind the thick glass.

Now aquariums are experiencing a new boom in its popularity. They are not just "living area" in the house, but also a fashionable piece of furniture. Modern technologies allow to make aquariums of various forms and quality, with interesting technical additions - water purifiers, lighting, beautiful accessories and so on. Depending on the location and purposes, you can choose from several options for you right kind of aquarium.

Detached aquarium. Aquarium cabinet or floor. It can be placed in the free part of the room as decorative items or furniture.

Built-in aquarium. Interesting to look as part of the baffle. This allows inspection of the tank at least two sides. A backlight is both part of the evening illumination of the interior. Another embodiment of the built-in aquarium - Aquarium in furniture. For example, very original will look aquarium, replacing the countertop at the bar.

Hanging Aquarium suitable for small spaces, so it saves space. For these aquariums have a strict limit. Their capacity shall not exceed 100 liters. A kind of suspended aquarium is an aquarium-picture. This tank should be no more than 18 cm thick. Usually it is framed in a frame, and create a beautiful scenic background is.

Aquarium Pool. This aquarium is perfect for country cottages, with plenty of space and no neighbors below. He is in their own interest, the more it is possible to arrange beautiful fountains. With the help of the aquarium on the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui is considered possible to bring prosperity to the house, or vice versa, to push away from home success.

Favorable is the location of the tank while moving in the room. But if you put it in a corner, it will cease to exert any influence on the improvement of energy. And putting the aquarium across the course of the movement, under the beam or in front of the cooker, you can scare favorable energy from home.

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