Women - the weaker sex? Debunking the myth

Women - the weaker sex? Debunking the myth
 It used to be about women who else dared to speak as a weak field. Now this definition replaced the combination of "fair sex". After all, if men were created as very hardy creatures from the physical point of view, they can even be envied moral stability of women.

Possibly strengths give less noticeable to the naked eye. All the same woman - the body relatively fragile and graceful. But physiologically the female body is set to win over a number of factors. After all of the fair sex - is, first and foremost, a mother who protects her child before and after birth.

In order to provide protection to the child, the mother can make an incredible test, and this is proved by thousands of life stories. A woman is much easier to adapt to any conditions. Men experience difficult loads imposed on them and, consequently, fewer live years.

Historically, that women have a go at a tribute to the simple and well-trodden path, but the man himself must make headway in life. However, time has changed this rule, and now many women take on men's responsibilities. And because of its own constitution, have a much lower stress levels than the stronger sex.

In addition, if the woman herself tried to build his own life, but she has something did not work, society always treat it more bearable. But such loyalty is still more harmful to the fair sex, which is representative of the times at all costs try to prove their worth. As a result, a woman has to make a lot more effort on the path to success than men.

Yet every woman, whether she was even the most successful, is not considered valid if it has no children. Alas, it is the opinion of society, it is correct or not. Fortunately, many women manage to express themselves and in this fertile field.

As a result, hardly anyone dares to call the weaker sex a man who had realized and on a personal and professional front.

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