How to identify a conflict

How to identify a conflict
 Unfortunately, human relationships are formed not only pleasant moments. Because of the differences of views and interests often conflict arises. To this spark of not ignited, which can burn and family, and business relationships, it is crucial to consult a specialist, who will help to identify the conflict and point the way to its resolution.
 The first method is widely used in family psychology. Couples who seek professional help are invited to undergo a series of tests designed to establish the views and needs of each spouse. In addition, a series of questions concerns and visions of man's life partner: its advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of passing these tests - as accurately as possible to determine at what points have different views on the family life of the spouses and the nature of the relationship.

Family psychologist meticulously checks the answers husband and wife on the same questions and draws conclusions. For example, the question of the distribution of family responsibilities wife replied that she and partner should make equal contributions to housekeeping. The husband, on the other hand, is of the opinion that a man must be earner, bringing money home, and the inheritance of his wife - to wash, cook, clean and raise children. Obviously, the grains in this case, the conflict is a method family responsibilities. This realization gives rise psychologist to conduct a series of consultations to seek consensus. The benefits of conflict detection is also in the fact that the couple themselves are beginning to understand the true cause of the unfavorable situation in the family. To improve relations, they are usually willing to make concessions.

A similar method is used to identify conflicts in the activities of the intermediary - mediator. This profession has not received proper distribution in our country. The meaning of the activities of the mediator is to help the two conflicting parties to understand the meaning of mutual claims and come to a mutually acceptable solution, without having to go to court. This kind of services are in demand business partners who need not only to overcome their differences, but also to stay on good terms for future cooperation. The conflict is detected mediator orally, through consultations, which are held separately from the first of each party, and then together. In a joint discussion of the conflict parties to better understand each other's claims and their rationale.

Another area where it is often necessary to identify conflicts - working team. Recently there have been qualified professionals who advise employers on the establishment and maintenance of a favorable microclimate in the environment of employees. Specialist often stays in the office, watching workdays, analyzes the structure of subordination and individual employees. In complex, stressful situations, he is conducting a series of interviews in which clarifies the motives of employees, their views on the existing differences. The outcome of the employer prepared a report describing the methods of conflict resolution. These measures help to rally the team and improve productivity.

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