For that you should not be ashamed

For that you should not be ashamed
 Life is full of different trivial situations, getting into that, you are ready to fail under the ground in shame. Nowadays, everything is so fixated on their reputation that many simply vital to follow the advice - "to be easier." People, perhaps, not be pulled, but he himself will be easier to live if some things will be perceived with a smile.  

Very familiar situation when you forget wallet at home, and found it just after halfway traveled to work by bus. The conductor is waiting, and the purse is not willing to be. At such times, it seems as if the entire universe looks at you with reproach and condemnation, and people traveling around, already set to rumor-your bones. But the worst thing that can happen in such a situation, it is landing at the nearest stop. Passengers immediately forget about you, the conductor went on to collect a fare, and you'll have to come back for his wallet. It is not because of what the burn with shame.

Another false shame arises when you are in a lecture, at work or at the doctor's afraid to ask a question. Something did not understand, did not hear or want to clarify, it does not matter. Speak boldly and without hesitation. You are required to answer questions on the subject, remember that. Can not be ashamed of such ignorance (you are not on the exam).

It is not a shame, if we reflect, wrong number doors, cabinets and confuse even accidentally enter the male (female) toilet. Just apologize and move on, but rather specify the path to the situation is not repeated. Not ashamed to drive past gas stations, if there is not observed a tanker, and by accident you do not want to get dirty or just touch the hose. Petrol and for working to serve you. Do not be ashamed to ask for help from family and friends, if you really need. And if you fail, it is not because it does not want to help, but because there is no way, therefore, to blush at this point and blame themselves also do not need to.

Do not be ashamed suddenly detached buttons on coats, clues on tights, muddy shoes in bad weather and spilled coffee on his shirt. Tomorrow everything will be perfect again, and about yesterday no one will remember, if you except with anyone that has not happened. Oh, and most importantly, never be ashamed to offer assistance even strangers, call an ambulance, if it seems that someone is bad, call the fire, when somewhere a lot of smoke, or call the police to calm neighbors.

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