I do not owe anybody!

I do not owe anybody!
 Modern man's life is built on numerous obligations that it is associated with the company - colleagues, relatives, neighbors, the state, etc. The word "should" is firmly rooted in the mind of the average citizen.

If you think, this situation has a lot of problems. Constant expectation of something from the other inevitably leads to frustration, anger, resentment. It often happens that the more people expect from the people, the less he gets from them.

Focus not on what shortchanged, but on the fact that the good you have done. If you do not wait for anything from others, their acts of kindness toward you will please you more.

Perhaps you are accustomed to thinking that a friend should respond at the first call, to soothe and encourage you. In fact, it can do this, but it should not. In the end, if you are not satisfied with friends and do not behave in a friendly way, is it worth to continue the relationship?

The society is also a lot of stereotypes about family life that have to do a husband or wife. Many people think that a clear list of duties - this is what keeps the family and gives her crumble. But this is only an illusion.

Actually men nothing can hold together if they do not. Agree, nice to know that a close person does something for you, because he loves it, not because you put pressure on it.

Instead nag her husband, take and take out the trash yourself, so you will save time and nerves. Think maybe he regularly takes on some work around the house, you can not stand to perform. Therefore, there would be nothing wrong if something you quietly and calmly make themselves.

You seriously change your life if you follow the principle of "no one owes nothing." At first glance, it seems that it sounds a bit pessimistic. But this sentence can be paraphrased, and then get "I myself am responsible for my life." Such an approach has many advantages.

Knowing that all the responsibility on you, it is easier to act and change something. You will become more active and conscious, begin to see the cause and effect relationship, get rid of the common "victim complex".

Rather than wait for the mercy of others, you start to think about what actions need to be taken to change this or that situation. Feeling their independence, you become more confident, will be proud of yourself and appreciate yourself.

The principle of "me no one should" also follows a different principle - "I have nothing to anyone should." And just fall off the shackles, and life becomes easier. This allows you to track attempts by others to manipulate you, to push the guilt and debt. Allow yourself to live as like most to do what you want.

If you often notice of a desire to change the world, try to change ourselves.

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