How to help quit smoking

How to help quit smoking
 Russia is still one of the most smoking countries. Most nikotinozavisimyh do not want to admit that the most effective way to stop smoking - no acupuncture, patch or "special" books. It should be self-aware of the problem and take a step to the next level of life! At the same time as losing weight is better in the company of like-minded, and to quit smoking with the support of better understanding people (also smoking or experiencing).
 First jointly create motivation. You would think that smoking is not yet ready, not tuned in to the right mood? And yet it is not necessary to wait until your mutual friend die of lung cancer in smokers or colleagues baby is born with a heart defect.

Try to do without promises a fresh start on Monday or the first day of the following month. Proceed right now. Find a smoker for a large sheet of paper and divide it into four columns. First, together, make the negative effects of smoking, which has already had to face (shortness of breath, bad taste in the mouth, headache, etc.). In the second column write down all true, the consequences of smoking (now printed on packs) - cancer, heart disease, infertility, impotence, etc. The third column - the positive results of the rejection of cigarettes - strengthening the immune system, energy, improvement of the skin, healthy children ... Write in this column as much as possible! In the last column, store the difficulties that beset the smoker (body requires sweets instead of nicotine, not a chat in the smoking room, the friends will always be offered a cigarette).

At a close look at the table. Grasp the meaning of each item and discuss whether to give up smoking. If the motivation is not enough, draw an additional column and record there, which gives joy smoking and whether they are comparable with other pleasures in life (compare with the other speakers).

However, even the strongest motivation nikotinozavisimogo there day or two. During this time you have to make with clear actions, not taking excuses as "the magic is not dispelled." Dispose of cigarettes, matches, lighters, etc. If a smoker again "pulled", let him buy the cheapest and most unpleasant taste cigarettes and smoked a few pieces with a short interval. If you do not want to smoke, you probably want something to replace nicotine. Most begin to eat candy or chew on the seeds. Suggest a smoker joint pleasant exercise (biking, skating, swimming pool, dancing, yoga, long walks in nature), during which the body will produce a lot of endorphins - "happiness hormones". This will improve your mood and well-being!

Discard the parties with alcohol (due to alcohol especially want to smoke) and places that associate with smoking cigarettes. Help him to enjoy what is happening - together consider how much money is saved, enjoy the fresh air in the room non-smoking ...

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