Feel like a man ...

Feel like a man ...
 Gender stereotypes fade into the background, and a situation where the wife earns more than her husband, and the husband prefers to coddle children, nobody will be surprised. However, this situation should be set by mutual agreement. Otherwise, one day you may realize that not feel like a woman, beautiful and desirable.
 To begin, decide whether it is a problem for you. Surely you have chosen a man with whom now live, and this situation is established with your approval or acquiescence. Maybe you outraged that attitude after a review of melodrama, where broad-shouldered man cares for the beautiful gentle lady, filling it with flowers, or you are inspired by stories of friends. However, whether you are happy, constantly adhering to the new role? Wait a couple of days, cool off. Did you realize that the current situation you are satisfied.

If you have long been noticed that the role of women, which stop a running horse, and will go into a burning house, you do not like, try to change their strategy. Stop yourself to do all the housework, not waiting until it makes a man, thank you a profitable work and engage with what always dreamed - be a teacher, a writer, or a florist. Few people want to live from hand to mouth, and in the apartment where does not work half devices. Most likely, it will spur your man to take his place in the allotted life.

Play the role of a helpless woman. On the question of her husband, why did you yourself can not fix the faucet, because you did it dozens of times, shrugs with a confused look, drop the heavy bags from supermarkets and refuses to drive a car because you are afraid. Man will have no choice but to take these responsibilities on themselves.

Discuss the situation with your partner. Perhaps he did not even realize that you are experiencing discomfort, doing refrigerator repair or establish a computer network. How could he know the true state of affairs, if you've not talked to him about it? It is likely that a conversation will be enough to mate again surround you with care.

Thanks for the help man. He repaired the wiring in the house, or simply tucked the bed - certainly tell him how you are grateful, as he rescued you and how sexy looked with a hammer. This will spur your partner to further achievements.

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