Circles of influence and success

Circles of influence and success
 Not all people fully understand the essence of the phrase "I do not have a hundred rubles, and a hundred friends." But those who understand it, has long been firmly settled in the list of the richest people in the world. No capital will not make a successful man who does not know how to influence society.

To succeed, we must follow a few rules.

Surround yourself with successful people

Pupils prestigious business schools know that the ability to achieve success depends on our environment. And this environment we can generate themselves. If you like to save hopeless losers and help people, you can immediately leave the idea of ​​becoming a tough businessman. Go to the charity and not comfort yourself with illusions.

To promote business must be able to be among his most influential people in this particular sphere. It is necessary to artificially surround himself with successful people. And not just because they will help you on occasion. Rather, it is important to soak up the example of the successful strategy of behavior.

You can read a hundred times in the book about how to run a business. And only one conversation with the guru can help you through insight. Communicating with people already achieved success enriches us ways and methods to achieve success. Sometimes it is enough to repeat them their actions or try to transfer their decisions on their soil. And it can make you a successful person.

Maintain an active social life

No wonder today so prevalent secular parties. They give birth to influential people acquaintances who then help them in their affairs. Of course, for such get-togethers, not all successful people. On the contrary, many are eager to touch and are willing to sacrifice a great time to try to "catch" the master of at least one event.

But you can use secular parties for the institution of informal acquaintances. Talk about everyday joint entertainment will help people find common ground, and it can become the basis for new projects.

Help successful

Talented and influential people, too, can get into difficult situations. Help them to get out. Sometimes it is worth to do it selflessly. Not all of them then you will remember your help. But there are certainly those who climb the social ladder, you will carry off up behind him.

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