Aerophobia: coping with her own

Aerophobia: coping with her own
 Too many of us fly on airplanes. Without this type of transport is virtually impossible today life: flying to the sea, holidays abroad, long business trips. But what if you want to climb into the sky, and you suffer aerophobia? One should try to overcome this problem.

Aerophobia - is the fear of air travel. It can be a natural fear, but sometimes develops into a phobia. The usual fear - a kind of self-preservation instinct, feeling it, man can escape and overcome stress. In the case of phobia occurs uncontrollable panic manifested in horror, heart palpitations, tremors, sweating. People suffering aerophobia can not pull myself together and refuse to air travel, preferring a long and uncomfortable ground travel.

The surest way to win aerophobia - refer to specialists. The therapist is able to get rid of this obsessive-compulsive disorder for several sessions. But you can try to cope with fear and their own, there are a few good ways to escape.

During the flight, do not scroll in the brain terrible pictures of the fall of the liner, and occupy yourself with something. You can listen to music or life-affirming to solve complex math problems, crossword puzzles or read a thrilling detective story.

Draw on a piece of paper your own, and then tear the sheet into small pieces and discard. Then imagine that your fear - it is an easy balloon. Make him fly away and the gap from view. If you will try to come back - it is moving away from the effort of thought itself. Breathe deeply, it will help remove excess adrenaline.

During the flight to think positive, represents something pleasant. For example, how will you splash in the warm waves during the holidays or become enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant. By the way, you can eat on board the aircraft. From food increases blood sugar levels, and this reduces anxiety. You will catch a flight sweets.

You may be able to flirt with a neighbor - it would distract from the fear of flying. Oddly enough. Cope with aerophobia helps not only flirting, but also conflict. In the process it switches attention.

But most importantly - do not feed off your fear: do not read the article in the newspaper about the crash, do not watch the news before the flight. A few hours before flight take a sedative. And fly more often, then each time to do this would be easier.

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