8 rules stress management

 We are always somewhere in a hurry and are afraid of being late. Every day a lot of questions at work and at home waiting for our solutions, and the list of cases identified does not fit on one page of notebook. But the day is not rubber, and 24 hours is simply impossible to fulfill all. We are going through, nervous, fall into a long depression and lose interest in life. This is called a stress cure which is not sold in the pharmacy. It is in our hands.

1. The first rule of stress management - this is adequate planning affairs and consistency in their performance. Do not think that one day you can do whatever you have in mind for the month ahead. This is unrealistic. Schedule only the most important and not sprayed. Perform first one item from the list, then proceed to the next.

2. It often happens that the problem is not solved wants, just because you have to plan its elimination. Several attempts have not had any impact? So, leave it for later, often simply does not make sense to insist on. Release the problem and grasp something else. Be able to switch. Maybe a couple of hours you completely different look at the problem and see a way to solve it.

3. Do not anticipate events. Do not invent unnecessary or wrap yourself. In the end, the thoughts are material, and by allowing thoughts of trouble, you bring them into the present.

4. The physical condition of the person plays an important role in dealing with stress. For example, the frequent lack of sleep adversely affects the overall well-being. Inability to concentrate and distraction - bad assistant in work. Therefore, trying to make as much as possible due to the time allotted for sleep, you are making a grave mistake.

5. Malnutrition, overeating and snacking on the run cause discomfort. Try to eat properly to to-do list and not add another trip to the hospital. Normal balanced diet will add strength and energy to deal with everyday issues.

6. To do a good job, you need a good rest. Anyone, even the most perfect mechanism can not work continuously. Sooner or later, it will break.

7. To prevent stress, we need new experiences and emotions. From time to time, as soon as it is possible, to change the situation. Spend more time outdoors. It's a long time charges positive. Usually, after such a holiday the most difficult problems can be solved with ease.

8. Finally, the man who is friends with the sport, it is always easier to cope with difficulties. Such people are easy-going and almost likely to be depressed. Sports organizes, develops endurance and confidence. This is perhaps the surest means of stress management.

To live in a constant race is not only dangerous to health, but not impossible. Fight with stress and remember that in this struggle all means are good.

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