Yes, I'm jealous, so what?

Yes, I'm jealous, so what?
 Jealousy - a bird proud, selfish. She has the right to awaken the dormant volcano, a scandal from scratch and crush any strong ties. But from another point of view, it can change a person for the better, to get him to improve and strive for more. Like a kind of motor behind, jealousy definitely moves you forward. And that's where you fold, and how it will turn back to you depends entirely on your ability to control himself, his thoughts and feelings. Both women and men can be terribly jealous, considering this is absolutely normal.

Jealousy manifested in different ways: from dissatisfaction and depression to high-profile scandals sentimental. It depends on the nature and balance of man. After all, in fact, jealousy - the original application for the right of ownership, possession anything. And in this case there is a struggle for the attention of the love object. You can in fact jealous husband, friend, colleague, child, friend, brother. You want to take a leading position in the hearts of loved ones and reassert their right to this place. But that's something that is not required. But human nature is such that fear takes hold, veiled eyes and draws the imagination unthinkable paintings.

It should be noted that you can not only jealous man, but what he gives you. For example, the fear of losing confidence in the future, financial independence and stability, good apartment or a car. It turns out that there is no love, and a sense of ownership of the "foreign" does not cease.

Girls often jealous, this is due to a constant struggle for marital happiness. For the right to be loved and unique. And if you think that young people are naturally polygamous, how then does not turn green with fear and anger, when there are hundreds of unmarried beautiful women. And even married. Irrepressible feeling of jealousy.

What could be the reason for jealousy?

Self-doubt, inferiority complex. Dissatisfaction creates fear that a loved one will pay attention to someone more suitable, perfect, worthy opponent or rival.

The bitterness of resentment, betrayal former lover. This trail is in the human soul, like a splinter, which pulls the soul in bad weather in the house. The fear that the events could be repeated again.

Freedom-loving partner. A man who can not live without chat and flirt - a difficult test for any girl.

Gossip envious people. Emotional personality easily believe rumors detractors.

Own mistakes. Wife, husband and changing hiding the truth, feels awkward, uncomfortable. Fearing that the truth will be revealed, starts to get nervous, I suspect that a loved one may do the same way towards her.

How to control your emotions:

• Remember that you and your partner - free people, not things. You can not hold a man to limit his opportunities, is prohibited. Teens are always eager to escape from the parental nest where freedom banned. So here, as soon as you start to put pressure on the favorite, feel discord in the relationship;

• if you have reason to be jealous, explained with his chosen. Quietly socialize, talk about what you feel that you are disturbing and absolutely do not like. Do not make a scene, scandals, do not provoke your opponent to retaliate emotions;

• Do not try to pull the men from the recognition or remorse, it is likely that he had made up the story to spite you. And seeing the reaction will reflect their choice;

• Calm down, get some work, distracting and disassemble a piece of the situation, but at the head of chilled;

• Find a hobby, let you have in life is the goal, desire, desire. In addition to the construction of family relationships, you should develop themselves and grow both personally and in their careers;

• Think about what you, as your partner, you may be interested in other people too. This means that the beloved is not himself flirting with your friend, and probably corresponds to flirt flirtation. After all, you, too, from time to time you can afford to light "fire eyes".

Excellence in all directions, become better and more beautiful, charming and intelligent, wise and sexy. Aspire to the ideal that there was reason to be jealous of other women. And if you are jealous, jealous then gently with a smile, recalling how much you love and appreciate her man.

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